Fiction: Old and New Family (171 words)

30 Aug

“All right, Amy, you have to promise me that you are going to behave, then you can come with me to the airport.”

“I have to behave? Sally, I’m your big sister.  Isn’t that my line? How come I’m the one being told to behave?”

“Because,” Sally spoke slowly, like she was talking to a particularly dim-witted child, “These are the members of my fiancé’s family. You have been known to make a fool of yourself in public settings, especially when meeting new people and I’d rather not have Richard’s brothers thinking you’ve had an awful fun day off from being in the local insane asylum.  So—please, please, can you promise me you’ll behave?”

Amy opened her mouth to argue—but decided against it.  Sally had a point—an exaggerated one, but a point nonetheless.  “I promise.” Amy made a cross over her heart.

Sally regarded her sister for a moment longer and then sighed in resignation, “I guess they’ll have to meet you sometime,” before grabbing the keys and heading for the door.

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