Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 30 (500 words)

22 Aug


Frankie was nervous as he approached the workroom.  Joey had been understandably tense since Willow’s disappearance.  Everyone had been, but Joey—her partner, her best friend—had been lashing out over the past week. Frankie understood why, but that didn’t mean he wanted to be on the receiving end of an outburst.

Besides, Frankie had the feeling that Joey didn’t particularly like him on a personal level, which was unfortunate, but also understandable. But Joey was the After the Fact Agent.  These kinds of things were his job.  If anyone should or would know what to do with Frankie’s information, it would be Joey.

So, Frankie found him in the work room, where he was already forming some semblance of a plan with Darryl, Natalie, and Brian—Lie detector, disguises, and strategy.  When Frankie came in, he felt like he’d just walked into the wrong room, and they couldn’t believe he’d dared to show up here.  It wasn’t until Darryl said, “Yes, Frank?” that Frankie snapped back into the moment and remembered why he had come.

“Right. Hi. Sorry. I just had some information about The Marbles location, and I was wondering if I could help with the plan to go in and help rescue Willow.” Frankie said it so quickly that he was surprised the words didn’t tumble over each other.

“What is your information?” Joey almost spat.

“We don’t have it narrowed down precisely, but given a day or two and assuming that nothing gets knocked out of whack, we should get it narrowed down to a square mile or two.  From there, hopefully we’ll be able to locate Willow as well.”

“And why are you just bringing us this information now?” Joey bit angrily, standing up from his desk.  Frankie felt like a student turning in a late assignment, and he didn’t really like it.

“Because I just got confirmation that we were that close.” Frankie tried to keep the edge out of his voice.  Joey was hurting.  “I didn’t want to come to you with inaccurate or overly optimistic figures, only to have it take much longer than anticipated.  I figured that wouldn’t put you in a very good mood.”

“Well–Frank–Thanks for that. But I’m going to need you to leave now.  We’ll come to you when we have a more fully formulated plan.”

“I want to be involved, Four.  I want to help. I want to retrieve Willow.”

Joey wheeled around, bearing down on Frankie.  “Listen.  The Marbles were taken under your watch. Willow was taken on an outing where you were supposed to be on the protective detail.  We’ve narrowed down the mole to being in your department.  For all I know–It’s you. You let Willow get taken. And you want to make sure that she stays gone.  So, forgive me if I don’t want you greatly involved in the rescue efforts.”

It was about then that something snapped in the back of Frankie’s mind, and he saw red.

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