Fiction: Last Thoughts (303 words)

21 Aug

I was dying.  I knew from the moment that Ross untied me from the chair and pulled my arm over his shoulder that I wouldn’t be recovering from this one.  Then strange thing was—I was okay with that.  I’d lived a long life—I’d done a lot more than I ever thought I would—and dying now wouldn’t mean the end of the world anymore—literally.

The only reason I was saddened by my impending death was River.  And to some degree David—but to be honest, it was mostly River. She was a strong girl—and I knew she could take care of herself—but she’d be so sad to see me go. So heartbroken. And I hated that I had to leave her.

But she did have David now.  And he was worth something.  Really, he was worth a lot.  I had to tell her that he was worth an awful lot to all of us.  David was a good man.  I was a happy man to know that they would look after each other when I was gone. With the two of them reunited, I wasn’t her only friend anymore.  That had to count for something.

But I still had a little time left. And that meant I would dedicate what time I could to River, to leave her with the very best I could manage for her, and help her come to the ease of my death the way I had.  Hopefully to keep her from doing anything too terribly rash when I was gone.  But then again, this was River we were talking about—So I don’t know what I was really expecting? I but I think she took it well—as well as anyone can take the death of a friend anyway.

Still, its out of my hands now.  David has to take it from here.

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