Fiction: Just a Visit (253 words)

20 Aug

“I know its temporary and what not—but it’s good to have you back.” Mara smiled up at me with a knowing smile.  “I mean—I know why you left better than anyone.  I saw why you left but it is good to have you back in the HQ again.”

“Thanks, Ava,” and I could tell that Mara really meant that.  “Don’t read into this or get your hopes up too high—but I miss you too.  All of you.”

I smiled back at her—it was good to hear that.  I knew I was the low-end on her totem pole, Andy was her brother and Colin was—well, whatever he was—so it was easy to see where she might overlook me. Good to know she hadn’t.  “Well, I’m going to go back to your brother and make sure he’s doing okay. The sooner he’s up on his feet, the sooner we can figure out what’s going on with everything else, yeah?”

I stood to leave, but Mara put a hand around my wrist lightly.  “Thank you, Ava. For everything.”

“Not a problem, Mar.”

She dropped my arm, and turned back to her book for a second, before straightening up and turning to look at me again. “Oh, one more quick favor?”

“Sure, Mara.  What do you need?”

“Could you tell Diane I don’t hate her? No matter how I come across?”

I had to laugh. Old Mara would have her perception down.  New Mara wasn’t very good at getting her point across.  “Sure.  I’ll let her know.”

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