Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 29 (627 words)

15 Aug

Marcy leaned back against her pillows and shut her eyes. The well-meaning nurses and doctors had finally finished with her, but she felt exhausted.  She hadn’t even thought to ask about something for the pain in her head, hoping that someone would be back soon with painkillers.

Her headache did decreased significantly with the dark of shutting her eyes, but it was still there.  Right now, she was pissed at Willow.  Really, that was all she could think of. She was mad at Willow for getting kidnapped and leaving her behind.  She knew that wasn’t entirely rational thinking, but was all she could think at the moment. She was just angry that she was safe and sound and no one knew where to find Willow.  It was…not what at all she should be thinking.  She should be concentrating on her own head injury and trying to get better, not focusing on hating the woman who technically saved her life. But if she had been kidnapped, then she would know where she was and that she would just have to wait to be saved.  But not knowing where Willow was, that was a torture in itself.  And what if Willow got hurt, got killed or whatever because she was trying to protect Marcy.  How was she supposed to live with that?

“Are you asleep?”  It was Joey’s voice, very soft, so that if she was, he wouldn’t wake her.

“No. Just the light hurts my eyes.”  Marcy responded.

Marcy heard some rustling and the like, a couple of beeps and a click, and then, “There is that better?”

Marcy opened her eyes to find the room significantly darker than before.  It was still bright enough that she could make out Joey standing at the foot of her bed, but her head was not throbbing from the light.  “Much. Thanks.”

“Not a problem.” Joey shifted his weight from foot to foot, and if she didn’t know any better, she would think that Joey looked mad too.  Was he mad at her?  “Marcy, I’m going to tell you something that Willow probably doesn’t want me telling you, okay?  It’s something that she usually plays very close to the chest. I don’t care what she thinks about it anymore.”

Ah, so he’s mad at Willow too.  Marcy could help but think.  Aloud she said, “Oh? Something I don’t already know about Willow?”

“Yes.  It’s why she is a part of the Ixi agency.  Her own special power, if you will.”  Marcy nodded, and Joey gave a little sigh before he started.  “There was reasoning behind her taking you place.  Willow is, well, Willow is resistant to torture.  That sounds strange, I know, but if anyone tries to hurt her with the intent of extracting information or forcing her to do something, it doesn’t hurt her at all.  No one has been able to explain why it happens, but it does.  If they have her, if they are torturing her, she’s probably squirming and screaming to make them feel like they are actually doing something to her, but she won’t really notice.  In fact, I’ve seen her sleep right through being water boarded.  Rest assured, she is not getting hurt on your account, in fact, and she is probably just saving you from a world full of pain yourself, okay?”

Marcy blinked up at Joey for a second.  She was pretty sure that she had not heard that right.   Or perhaps the concussion was making her hallucinate.  But, it was certainly not what she thought she heard.  “Run that by me again?”

Joey smiled. “Yeah.  No one believes her. That’s why she never really tells anyone.”    He sat down in the chair next to her bed, “Here’s what I know about Willow—“

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