Fiction: Waiting at Home (302 words)

13 Aug

Waiting was the heart breaking part.  I’d never been certified, civilian through and through, so I couldn’t go in with the command, I couldn’t know the details of the op.  I didn’t even know how long it was supposed to take.  I didn’t know if it was bad that I hadn’t heard anything yet or if no news meant that things were going perfectly to plan.  I didn’t know when it was socially acceptable to admit I was panicking, because truth be told I was already panicking.  I didn’t want my Andre to die.  I really didn’t want him to die.

When the phone rang, I nearly fell over my feet racing to answer it. “Reed residence.”

“Fitz, it’s me.”  I sighed a breath of relief, and collapsed onto the couch.  Andre sounded tired, but ultimately intact.  “It’s going to be another couple of days before I can come home–but it’s mostly over.  Or the dangerous parts are over and we’re mostly okay.”

“Mostly okay?” I responded automatically.  “What does mostly okay mean?”

Andrew laughed and it was honestly the best sound I’ve ever hear in my entire life.  “I knew you’d focus on that.  I’m uninjured.  It was just–a lot.  It was a lot Fitz.”

“I guess I get that.”

“I love you, Fitz.  And this call is technically against regs, so if anyone asks–”

“I still haven’t heard from him. Why? Is he hurt? Is something wrong?” Fitz put on his best acting voice, and was rewarded with another laugh.

“Exactly.  They’ll call you when I have a more official time for my homecoming.  I love you.”

“I love you too, An. Get home to me soon.”  The line disconnected and I started to cry. He was alive. He was okay. He was coming home.  That was all that mattered.

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