Fiction: Bonding (251 words)

10 Aug

I couldn’t hate her.  They wanted me to–but their own programming was working against them.  They’d spent so much time telling me that I needed her, expecting me to rely on her, reminding us both again and again that we were the opposite sides of the same coin, one couldn’t exist without the other.

Well, I didn’t rely on her anymore, that was for certain.  She was a traitor to the cause, I saw that, and if she didn’t change her ways we’d end up working against each other.  I was disappointed the way any brother would be to see his sister throw her life away. But I couldn’t hate her the way they wanted me to hate her.  And I hoped that she held the same for me too. No matter what the other side told her about me, no matter how ‘evil’ they said I was, I hoped she couldn’t properly hate me.  It was likely to be the only way we’d both survive this.

Because, they wanted me to kill my twin sister–and the other side wanted my twin sister to kill me.  We were well-trained–equally matched–it would only take a second’s hesitation to allow the other one to get the hand up–but if we couldn’t hate each other, if we both hesitated to act–we might be okay.

The only way–my only hope for surviving tomorrow was that my sister would hesitate.  I knew I would.  But if she decided she couldn’t hate me, we might be okay.

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