Fiction: At the Bus Stop (373 Words)

07 Aug

“Went more for the disgruntled teen than the sunny cheerleader today, huh?” Colin dropped down next to Mara on the bus stop bench.

Mara looked down past her book to her hoodie, blue jeans with pen drawings all over them and converse sneakers.  “I guess so.  I just felt like being properly overlooked today. In the—what you’d call it—Sunny Cheerleader get up I get noticed for my cleavage, my heels, or both.  No one tends to look at hoodie and jeans twice.”

“I think anyone would have to be an idiot to not look at you twice, but I get what you’re trying to say.” Colin slid his arm along the back of the bench, shutting his eyes and tilting his face back to the sun.  There he went again, Colin, carefully toeing the line between friendship and flirting, leaving Mara unsure which side of the fence he was going to fall on.  Although, before Mara could try to figure that out, she should probably figure out which side of the fence she wanted him to fall on.

“Why are you headed to town today, Col? On the clock?” Mara asked to distract herself from the rabbit hole her brain was threatening to go down.

“A-yup.  Andy asked me to do some subtle recon.  You?” Colin spoke more to the sky then to her, still soaking in the sun.

“Off the clock.  Andy saw I was—his words, not mine—in a mood, and told me to go see a movie.  You’ve probably got the job I was supposed to do today. Sorry.”

Colin shrugged, finally lowering his face to the world again.  “It’s an easy one.  Maybe an hour tops.  Wanna come spilt it with me? Get it done quick and then we can go do a double feature at El Dorado—Tickets and Treats on me?”

Mara tucked her book away in her bag and checked the street to see if the bus was coming—just to have something to do while she thought it over.  “Yeah—okay.  But no telling Andy.  If he finds out I worked when he gave me the day off, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Deal.”  Colin smiled at the sun again, “Let me know when the 28 bus is coming.”

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