Fiction: First Night Home (156 word)

06 Aug

Sami let Caleb pull her in a little bit closer.  He was “comforting her” but she knew it was more for him than anything else. Because, if he could hold her tight, feel her in his arms, and if she didn’t disappear into smoke, that meant he was safe.  That meant his mother was no longer in his head, and that it was just the two of them, alone in their bedroom. While it was true that his arms around her made her feel safe, her safety wasn’t the concern, it was his.

“You doing okay?” Caleb muttered into her hair, “I mean, are you comfortable?”

“I’m always doing okay when you’re here, Caleb. Always.  Just, don’t go leaving me again, all right?”

Sami could feel him laugh a little against her hair, that soft little chuckle when something takes him by surprise. “I have no intention of leaving you, Sam. Not now, not ever, not again.”

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