Fiction: The Family Way Part 27 (329 words)

29 Jul

After finals, life became much easier. I knew that wouldn’t be par for the course after the baby was born, so I was grateful for the reprieve.

Seniors weren’t required to attend the last week of school after finals, since they didn’t have schedules to set up for the next year or summer work to get assigned, so Marta went on almost full time bed rest, and I got the chance to sleep in on a Monday.  On Tuesday, Bradley finally moved in with us full-time, bringing with him the crib assembling services of Mr. Wilson, the interior decorating services of Mrs. Wilson, the old TV from his bedroom, and the first “Andersson-Wilson Dinner party” which consisted of pizza for most of us, a sizeable slice of leftover beef lasagna for Marta, and a sing along screening of The Sound of Music.

The rest of the week, Bradley and I put our minds to getting the house as ready as we could for the baby, such as getting the nursery as close to done as we could.  Marta had been locked away in her room because she kept trying to help and giving me and Bradley little panic attacks about heavy objects or paint fumes or whether or not she’d be able to get back up once she sat down on the ground to do—well, goodness only knows what Marta would decide to try to do.   So—we provided her with snacks and juice and Bradley’s laptop logged into his parents Netflix account and told her to not get out of bed.  She discovered that Netflix had all seven seasons of MacGyver and all five seasons of Chuck, and then it was hard to get Marta out of bed for everything else.

In theory, we had eight more weeks, two months to finish the preparations, but after the scare from two weeks ago, we weren’t leaving anything to chance.  We wanted to be ready for Arthur whenever he decided to come.

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