Fiction: Captured (Part 2 of 2) (863 words) (PG-13)

24 Jul

Rodney’s eyes had gone wide with the knife on his neck. Perhaps she’d changed quite a bit in the two years since they last worked together.  The Lily he knew never would have been able to do this—well, not to him anyway.   “Here’s the thing, Rodney, I’ve got some very reliable sources. I know what the facts are here. But, I also know that I’ve been a little bit discredited by the rumor mill, and if I’m not mistaken, your influence and whispers in some important ears.  So, if any of the facts are going to come to light, they have to come from your mouth.  Now, if you insist on denying me, well, you can imagine. But, if you behave properly, then, I promise you will be very well rewarded.  If you understand me, and my terms, blink twice.”

Slowly, he blinked twice. Really, what other choice did he have?

“All right then. From here on out, we’ll do one blink for yes, two blinks for no.  Do you understand?”

He blinked once.

“Excellent. You did always come off as a very intelligent man. After operation Davis, did anyone other than you and I survive?”

Two blinks.

“When we went into the fight, did you know we had false information?”

One blink.

“We had false information because you were acting as a mole between the two parties. You led our crew into their deaths for your own personal gain. Do you deny it?”

So slowly, he wasn’t even sure if he was going to until he finally did, he blinked twice.

Even slower, she pulled the knife away from his neck, pulling off a couple layers of skin, like a rough shave.  He wasn’t bleeding yet—but if he pissed her off anymore, he was sure he would be.  He swallowed hard and braced himself for her next question. “Why am I still alive?  Answer me that. You killed everyone else. Why not me?”

He almost considered lying, but at this point, what did he have to lose? “Because I love you, Lily. I am selfish and proud and look out for my own interests over others, and you would call me evil, and you know, I might just be the bad guy in our little story, but I love you, Lily, and I didn’t want to see you dead. You would not be acceptable collateral damage. You would be a great loss. And I don’t do great losses.”

There was a moment of stillness as Lily stared at him in awestruck silence.  He realized that was not what she expected. For all her claims she knew the truth and was privy to all his Intel, she hadn’t realized this little fact, and now she didn’t know what to do with it. She had thought luck, or maybe even skill, but she never imagined love.

He continued, heartened by her shocked silence, realizing for the smallest moment that he had the upper hand on her.  “Judging by the fact that I’ve just admitted to killing the rest of our ranks, and you’re still sitting here—Judging by the fact that you know what I did but haven’t beat me within an inch of my life–Judging by the fact that you know what I deserve and yet came to question me yourself—Judging by your silence now, you love me too.”  She was silent still, staring intently directly into his eyes, searching for the deception, he was sure.  “Come on now, Lily. Blink once for yes, twice for no.”

Slowly, she rose, swinging her leg off him, and finally letting go of his hair.  Rodney almost wished she hadn’t, became the release of tension on his scalp actually hurt more. He watched us she paced slightly, still spinning her knife in her hand, stating at the ground as she thought.

Finally, she crossed to the door. A man opened it for her, and showed no hint of surprise at her half-dressed state. Clearly, they knew her and her few degrees off sanity quite well.

She spoke to him quickly and quietly, handed him the knife in her hand, and another that she removed from the band in her bra. He left with another quick word, and a glance back at Rodney.

Then Lily’s attention was back to Rodney, solely to Rodney.  She crossed back across the room in six strides, and untied him easily from the chair.  “We’re insane, Rod. You and I aren’t fit to be in the positions we are.  You’re clearly not a good man, and I don’t have the detachment to kill you even though I know I should. Released in the world, you’d kill more good and honest people, and with enough time, you’d talk me into letting you go—you know how to push my buttons.  So—here we are.”

Rodney rubbed at his wrists carefully, and then stood up out of the chair to stretch.  “Lily? What are you saying?”

She gave him a smug smile and wrapped the ropes around her arm.   “Welcome to your new home, Rodney, or perhaps I should our new home.  I’ve given the order—neither of us are going anywhere for the rest of our lives.”

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