Fiction: Royal Behavior (256 words)

20 Jul

Someone should have reminded them that they were adults now.  Elizabeth was twenty-four and Arnold was twenty-one.  Not only that, but Arthur was the king of the nation, and Elizabeth was the top ambassador to their strongest political ally, as well as being on the Royal Council.  They were the type of people you expected to be mature beyond their years and carry a level of professionalism.  But they hadn’t lived in the same country since she was sixteen and he was thirteen and they seemed to have regressed to a level even younger than that.

No one spoke out, though, as the siblings made faces at each other behind the speakers back.  The man was more than twice their ages put together, and his report, while mandated by the laws of the country, could not be more boring, and was in no way helped by his very bland and monotone voice.   The royal siblings making faces at each other like they were grade school children again was the most interesting thing in the room.  Besides that, even though it was slightly worrying that the king was acting a bit like a six-year-old at the time–he was an adult, and he was their king, so who was going to tell him off like a child? The only one who might have dared was his older sister–his current partner in crime.

Although, many of the council members couldn’t help but wonder–what would their father, bless his soul, have thought to see them now?

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