Fiction: Aftershock (206 words)

12 Jul

His head was ringing when he woke up.  Like all of his top ten worst hangovers decided to come back and haunt him all in one.  But–he hadn’t been drinking, had he? No–he’d been–fighting?  Yes–fighting. There was an ambush and he and–

“Geneva!”  He practically screamed it as he sat up as straight as he could, eyes popping open. He needn’t have panicked though.  As soon as he was sitting up (his headache now nearly doubled) he saw his wife sitting there next to him, blissfully uninjured.  He smiled in spite of the pain.

Geneva grabbed his hand gently.  “I’m here–I’m right here.  It’s okay, sweetheart.”   She leaned forward and placed a kiss on his forehead as she lowered him back to a laying position. “It’s all right. We’re at Maggie’s.  She took care of you. You’re going to be alright.”

“I scared you, didn’t I?” Jason asked, letting his eyes fall shut.  He was tired again, already.  How long would he have to sleep?

“Yes.  And you better not do it again.”

People always felt the need to point out that Jason had a rather bossy wife.  But he knew her orders only came from a place of love.  He couldn’t fault her that.  “Yes, Ma’am.”

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