Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 24 (806 words)

11 Jul

Joey did not like the fact that Darryl was so serious.  He hadn’t smiled in nearly two hours, and that was a bad, bad sign.  But, then again, Joey couldn’t blame him.  This information did not bode well.

“So, we’re in agreement? The leak is coming from the intelligence department.” Darryl said grimly, and Joey had to nod.

“Either Frankie’s division or Shannon’s division.”  Joey seconded the thought.  “I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all.”

“There’s nothing to like, Joe.  We were both hoping that we would find nothing.  But, we have, and now we have to act accordingly.”  Joey scrubbed his hands over his face, and foolishly hoped that when he took his hands away all the facts pointing towards a mole would disappear and he wouldn’t have to accuse anyone.

There was a sharp knock at the door, and Darryl got up to receive the message.  “This message is for Agent IV,” The messenger said sternly.  Darryl bowed gracefully out of the way and Joey stepped forward to receive the message instead.

It was coded, and Joey’s head was swimming, so it took him a lot longer than it should have to make the code translate in his brain to English. But when he did, he jumped up from the table so quickly that he scared Darryl half to death.

“What? What’s going on?” Darryl asked.

“Frankie asked for a request to leave base.  He’s taking Marcy and Willow, and potentially two other agents off site to a movie theater.”

“They’re going to the movies?”  Darryl asked, “Why?”

“Apparently on the request of Marcy herself.  She wants to get off base.”

“Seriously?”  Darryl asked.

“Yeah, seriously.  I’ve got to go check into this. You’ll be okay here?”

“Yeah, I can hold the fort.”

Joey wasn’t exactly sure just where he should head to find out more about this information, so he defaulted to the one person he was sure he could trust, Willow.  He grabbed his charm and listened carefully to the read outs, and calculated that she was probably in her room.  He headed straight there as quickly as he could.  He knocked urgently, and Willow opened the door, in her pajamas, her hair a mess, and extremely bleary eyed.  He had been so focused on the distance part of her read out he hadn’t even listened to the part that told him she was sound asleep, nor checked his own watch to see that it was about three in the morning.

“What’s up?”  Willow rubbed at her eyes again. “Important?”

“Yes, actually, sorry to wake you but can I come in for a second.” Willow considered him for a second, and then stood out-of-the-way and let Joey into the room. She shut the door behind him, and then sank into her bed, sitting and clutching her blankets to herself, clearly not quite awake.  “What’s the problem?”

“You’re taking Marcy off campus? With Frankie?”

“Yeah. She’s going stir crazy, so we’re taking her to a movie. Hank is going with us as well. And we’re probably going to ask someone else to go with us. “

“I want to be that someone else. If I can’t convince you guys to not go. I really don’t like the idea of you guys all going out there alone.  Willow, someone infiltrated the agency. They want Marcy. This has bad idea all over it.”

“You are taking your life into your own hands if you want to go suggest to Marcy that we not go to the movie.  I think you are underestimating just how much that girl needs an escape.  Not just from the literal walls of the agency, but also just to get a chance to escape into a fictional world for two hours, to forget that her life is in danger, and she’s essentially being held captive to protect her own life.  She’s not holding it against us, per se, but she needs to get out.”  Willow countered.  Joey backed off quickly. Willow was actually starting to wake up now and he could hear Willow getting defensive again, and he knew firsthand how Willow could get when she felt like her friends and their happiness was being threatened. It was not something that he ever wanted to be on the other end of.

“Fine. Okay. You have a point.  But I still want to go, okay? I don’t like this, and I think that I will be a lot more comfortable if I can just go with you all, just to make sure that everything stays on the level.”

Willow looked him up and down once, twice, and then sighed.  “Okay, that’s fine.  Maybe you’ll get a second to relax too. You’ve been working harder than any of us, you and Darryl. A break might do us all some good.”

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