Fiction: Nighttime (332 words)

09 Jul

I heard the giggle first.  That had to be Mara, my happy little girl.  Then there was the “hush!” that was actually louder than her giggle.  Andrew, of course.  It would have been his plan.  I placed a bookmark in my spot and slid the book under the couch where it would be out of harms way, just in case.  I stretched out along the couch and laced my fingers behind my head. “Oh, I do love this quiet.  It’s so peaceful I must be all alone in here.”

Two little head popped up over the back of the couch,  Mara’s  “Boo!” two seconds before Andrew’s.  I clutched my hands to my chest in exaggerated fear.  “Oh! It must be ghosts!”

“No Daddy! It’s us.  Your twins.”

“My twins? Hmm?  Oh, you mean my Megan and my Anthony?”

Andrew’s face pulled tight in the mock severity of a five-year old boy.  “No, Daddy. I’m Andrew.  She’s Mara.”

“Andrew? Mara?  No, no, I think you mean Maddie and Adam.”

“No!” Mara shrieked with laughter, elbowing her brother in the process.  “Mara–Your little spy and Andrew your little prince.”

“Oh! My spy and my prince! Well of course it’s you.  Why didn’t you say so?”

“We did, Daddy.”  Andrew replied.  He didn’t laugh as easily as his sister, but he was as amused now that his little plan was complete.

“Well, if it is the two of you, then I think I should get a kiss for each of you before you head off to your proper bedtime, hmm?”   Andrew came around the head of the couch,carefully avoiding the little side table.  Mara was a bit more direct, pulling herself quickly over the back of the couch and landing on me with a huff.  But I received two little kisses, one right after the other each pressed quickly to my forehead.  “Alright, off to be now with the both of you.  Any more super secret missions to frighten your parents can wait until morning.”

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