Fiction: Family Way Part 24 (438 words)

08 Jul

“Thirty weeks, Thirty weeks, I’m the size of a blimp because I’ve been pregnant thirty weeks. Ten weeks to go, Ten weeks to go, Then I’ll have a bouncing baby boy. Two weeks of school, two weeks of school, I’ve only got left two weeks of school.”  Marta had come up with a very interesting song. She’d been singing it for about two hours now in lieu of the exams studies she was supposed to be working on.  I think she’d just given up the dream of a 4.0 GPA.

“Three more seconds, three more seconds, that’s all you’ve got left before your sister tapes your mouth shut.”   I, on the other hand, was studying.  I wanted that perfect GPA on graduation day, and it was making me a little snippy.   “For the sake of your baby I’m not going to beat you with a stick, but I am going to lose my mind real soon here.”

“I’m not one to insult a pregnant woman, but I will openly agree with my girlfriend.”  Bradley was hiding in the living room, in part from Marta’s song, in part from my quiet studying rage, and in part so he could have the coffee table all to himself to spread out his own studying materials.

“Well fine,” Marta picked up her book, “If you all don’t appreciate my musical genius I will just take myself elsewhere.”  She paused for a minute to see if she could balance her book on her stomach, but when it fell three times she gave it up and headed back to her room with the book in hand.

“I love you, Avery.”  Bradley called when we heard the bedroom door slam.

“Mmm.” I was already back into the Supreme Court cases I had to have memorized for next Tuesday.

I got in forty-five minutes of actual studying before Marta screamed. Bradley and I jumped to our feet.  He beat me to the door by two strides, but I pushed pass him to enter the bedroom.  Marta was sitting on the edge of the bed, clutching her stomach.  “That hurt, Av, that really, really hurt.”  She was crying now.  “What’s wrong? Why does that hurt?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out.”   Bradley was still at the door looking just as panicked as Marta looked. “Brad, bring the car up to the front, please.”  Bradley nodded and all but sprinted from the room.  “Marta, come here.” I pulled Marta up carefully, an arm over my shoulders, “We’re going to the hospital.  Doctor’s number in your phone?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Avery. I’m scared.”

“Me too, Mar, but we got this.”

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