Fiction: Rest In Peace (236 words)

05 Jul

Mae’s life had always been relatively easy.  Her parents had money, so she never wanted for much.  She was a strong woman and she was already ready to handle a fight or two.  At school, she’d always been near the top of her class, with a reputation for kindness, one that led to several elections to Homecoming and Spring Fling courts.  She easily could have skated through college, married the man who her mother always wanted to set her up with, had a nice little family of her own, and been taken care of until the day she died.  She could have completely ignored The Cause that her roommate started to fight for, and no one would have been able to blame her for that.  Mae was in no way raised to be a spy or a warrior for just causes.

But in truth, she wasn’t that kind of person. She couldn’t understand a problem and ignore it.  If she could help, she would.  And Mae knew she could help The Cause.  So, as soon as Irma started to pack her back to leave, Mae packed too. She had to help

And when Mae died, that’s what people would remember. This was a sweet and kind woman who had a very easy life planned for her, and she threw it all away to help, because she could.  So, they buried her with honor, because she deserved it.

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