Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 23 (618 words)

04 Jul


There was nothing quite like a small victory to get people in a good mood, Frankie thought to himself as he tried to prevent himself from skipping down the hall way.  According to his charm, Willow was down in the common room, as was Joey and Hank.  Basic deduction skills lead him to believe that likely Marcy was down there too. They were probably playing poker, since was a base favorite—whenever Darryl wasn’t around.  But Frankie took that as a blessing, because it meant that he would be able to deliver his good news all in one blow.  And, maybe delivering the news that her best friend was so excited to hear would get Frankie a leg up in the eyes of Willow.

Frankie wasn’t sure when he started trying to win over Willow.  Maybe it was as soon as that first day that she came into talk to him.  Maybe it was something that he developed over the weeks of working with her, and just something he’d grown into starting to do.  Maybe, he was just bat shit crazy. Who knew?  All he knew was that he had very little chance of actually winning her, and even less experience in how to go about winning over a girl, so it was pretty much a lost cause.  But, still he was trying.  And that had to count for something, right?

When he entered the room, he found that he was right.  It was poker, and from the looks of the piles of chips, Marcy was kicking some serious ass.

“Frankie. Good. Help us out, man.  She’s cleaning us out.”  Hank smiled, waving Frankie over to the table.

“Maybe I will.  But first who wants good news?” Frankie offered.

“Good news?  For who?” Marcy turned around in her chair to look at Frankie.  Willow reached over and stole some of her chips behind her back.

“For you.” Frankie grinned.

“How good?” Marcy grinned.

“Very.  I got Laurel’s permission for an excursion out to the movies. Straight to the movies, and then straight back, but it’s out of the agency walls.”

Marcy squeaked happily, and jumped out of her chair, hugging Frankie tightly.  “Oh, thank you, thank you, and thank you!”  She grinned.

Suddenly, Frankie found himself being glared at from two different angles.  Both Hank and Willow were giving Frankie a look like they were going to kill him.  But it was just there for a second, and then they both were smiling again, like it had never happened. Marcy stepped away and grinned at the room as a whole.

“That’s great.”  Willow smiled, rising to her feet.  “How big a crew are we going to need?”

“Not too big, actually.  Laurel seems to think that if we take too big a crew we will actually draw more attention to ourselves than not.  She said to make it look like a small social gathering, play it off like it’s nothing.  Four or five of us tops.”

“I’ll go.” Hank said quickly.

“Yeah, me too.”  Willow added.

“Yes. When can we go? Can we go now?  What movies are out? I don’t even know, I’m so out of contact with the outside world that I don’t even know. Do you think the new x-men movie is out yet?” Marcy was starting to bounce on the balls of her feet.

“Careful there, Marce.  You’re starting to look like me.  Don’t want to confuse anyone.”  Willow teased.

Marcy stopped bouncing on the balls of her feet immediately and frowned.  “You’re right.  I’ve spent way too much time with you, Wills.  I need to get out of here!”

“We’ll make a plan, don’t you worry.”  Frankie grinned, patting her on the back.

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