Fiction: Love and Hate (188 words)

30 Jun

“I hate you,” Jessa protested weakly.

“I know, sweetie, I know,” Ser responded automatically, flexing his hand while he had the chance.  She’d want to grip it again when the pain came back.

The nurse helped mop sweat off Jessa’s face and gave a little laugh. “Well—aren’t you two just the cutest couple I’ve ever seen.”  She cooed.

“She hates me, and that makes us adorable?” Ser asked the question that Jessa was thinking.  That’s what made them perfect for each other—even if she did hate him. Violently. With the pain of many suns.

“Oh, you two love each other—a one eyed deaf man could figure it out.”  The nurse smiled, reaching down to take Jessa’s pulse at her wrist, “When you get through this, you’ll be excellent parents.”

Jessa looked at Ser with a smile. “You think?” She asked, her voice still horse from the earlier shouting.

“Oh, most definitely,” Ser couldn’t help but smile back.

“I still hate you,” Jessa added, sitting up a little straighter as she could feel the pain coming again.

“Of course you do, sweetie.” Ser offered her his hand to squeeze again.

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