Fiction: Mind Melds (404 words)

28 Jun

Andy crossed his arms over his chest. “Oh—you’re going to make me do something stupid, aren’t you?” He whined as he glared at his twin sister and his best friend.

“Well, it is you so—“

“Isn’t everything you do kind of stupid?” Mara started the insult, and Colin finished it.  Then, without looking up from the plans they were working on, they reached out and high-fived each other.

Andy made a frustrated noise at the back of his throat and threw his hands in the air. “Mara! I’m your twin! Me! We are the ones who are supposed to be annoyingly on the same wavelength.  And Colin, stop stealing my sister!”

“Sorry,” Mara and Colin apologized in unison, and high-fived again, both of them grinning to themselves while Andy let out another frustrated sigh.  But Andy saw their smiles, he saw their joy at getting to mess with him, and he knew that meant there was only one thing to do.  They both had to be taken down a peg.

“Okay—okay, I’m just going to let it slide because I’m just going to assume that you two will finally cave to your impulses and get married. After all, we all know that true love married brain beats out twin slash sibling brain.  But, I swear Colin Donnal, if you don’t make an honest woman of my sister, I will find you and I will hurt you.” Andy turned on his heel and left the room, using every inch of his willpower to not cackle manically as he went.  He stopped just clear of the door and pressed himself to the wall, where Colin and Mara couldn’t see him, but he could hear them.

There was a distinct lack of paper shuffling.  Andy was imagining they were both just starting at whatever was in their hands, just as frozen as when he’d started talking, at a loss.

Finally, he heard Mara give a little cough. “That brother of mine. He’s something, huh?”

“Yeah—“Colin’s response was soft, “He’s something alright.”  Andy began to feel a little guilty about making them uncomfortable, but—

“You think if we work quickly, we could set up a prank in his room before we have to head out for this mission?”

“Oh yeah. If we go with plan 4.3 we have plenty of time.”

I hate them both, Andy thought as he went to check the security measures on his room.

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