Fiction: Testing Process (387 words)

19 Jun

Ava couldn’t believe it. This girl was all strawberry blonde curls, a bright sundress and a rather impressive pair of wedges strapped to her feet to make her seem only a little shorter than her brother.  By all appearances sake, she should have just been a preppy beach teenager.  But—Ava had seen it with her own eyes. The way she’d taken out those two guys was nothing short of impressive. And she didn’t even seem to be out of breath from the whole thing.  She’d even skipped down the hall as they headed to the kitchen.

“Ava, meet my twin sister, Mara.” Andy indicated to the girl.  Ava looked back and forth between the two of them. He’d said twin sister, but she looked fourteen, maybe fifteen.  Andy had said he was eighteen.  How did that work?

“Did you underestimate me? C’mon—be honest.”  Mara smiled a little wider.  Ava still couldn’t say anything.  “I want to be underestimated.  It’s kind of the point.” Mara encouraged-but Ava was still silent.

“Where’s Col?” Andy asked, his head in the fridge, “thought he was going to meet us here.”

“On his way, last I heard from him.  I think he’s late on purpose though, wanted me to meet her first.  He still thinks that people overlook me when he’s around, and I tell him that helps with the underestimating thing, but I think he feels guilty nonetheless.”  Mara knocked on the table twice, and Andy literally threw a can of soda across the room.  Mara caught it without looking.  “So—Ava. Are you still half catatonic or are you back in the world of the living?”

“I-uh. Wow. You’re good.”  Ava managed to spit out.  Usually, she prided herself on being a little more eloquent than that, but oh well.

“Well—thanks.  I’ve worked pretty hard to be good.” She popped the top on her soda—and Ava suddenly realized that the test was still going on.  They weren’t being chased anymore—and Andy might have given her the thumbs up, but this was Mara’s test.  Ava had a feeling that Andy’s thumbs up would mean very little if she couldn’t get Mara’s seal of approval.  She sat up a little straighter and saw Mara smirk.  “Okay,” Mara smiled at the recognition of the test.  Ava was in for a very long night.

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