Fiction: Life and Death For Her (329 words)

16 Jun

Since he was small, David had this sinking feeling that River was going to be the death of him.  Not in a malicious ‘she’s going to kill me’ kind of way—but in he literally couldn’t say no to her ad he was going to end up doing something very dangerous kind of way.

When he was younger, he thought it would end up being something stupid like she wanted to climb a tree to see if they could get to the top, and he’d fall to his death from the upper branches. But now—here they were, living in the woods with people trying to find them and kill them not only for what they believed but for what they knew and what they had witnessed. All because he trusted River.  All because he loved River.

Granted—what he was doing now, what their lives had become, the cause they were fighting for was the right side to be on.  If he hadn’t followed River, he would have ended up doing despicable things, things that would have haunted him to his grave.  He would have ended up in these woods eventually, but River got him here sooner.  And this was a cause he would be willing to die for—but that didn’t necessarily mean he wanted to die for his cause.

But then River would come in with her half-smile half-seriousness and lay out the plan and he’d want to say “This is stupid-this is suicide. Why is it up to us to save the world?” but then he’d look at her and see her conviction and he would know for a fact that he was going to be on the front lines with her, take that charge, if only for her. Just to make her world a better place.

Since he was small, David had this sinking feeling that River was going to be the death of him.  And, to be honest, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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