Fiction: Loving a Fighter (194 words)

15 Jun

“I still think you’re crazy, keeping her on the team.”  I protested weakly, running a gentle hand down Andre’s chest.  “She’s the twin sister of Timothy Razer.  No good can come from that.”

“I have a sinking feeling that you’re right,” Andre replied wearily, dropping a small kiss to my forehead.  “But Tristan loves her.  Tristan trusts her—and it’s my duty to follow Tristian’s lead.  I won’t break loyalty.”

“Even if it leads to your death?”  I was ashamed of myself for saying it even as I did.  I knew what his response had to be.

“Oh, Reed.”  He slid an arm down to grab my hand in a desperate, but comforting grasp.  “Reed, I swore my loyalty to Tristan. I told you from the beginning that it would have to lie with him, that loyalty had to come before my love for you.  I’m so sorry, but yes. I will follow Tristian’s lead, even to my death.”

All I could do was nod, and give his hand a little squeeze.  It hurt, but he had told me right from the beginning.  I suppose that’s what I get for falling in love with a solider.

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