Fiction: The Ixi Agency Part 20 (399 words)

13 Jun


Frankie was so wrapped up in the math and charts that he was making he lost track of everything, and this time he didn’t even look up when someone cane into his lab.  It wasn’t until Laurel coughed in her very distinct way that he about jumped out of his skin, dropped his pen, and turned around to see if anyone else had joined her.

“I’m sorry Laurel, Er, Agent One and Agent two.”  Frankie nodded to Brian who was standing about half a step behind Laurel.  “I got a little bit caught up in the work.”

“That’s quite alright, Agent Seven. Agent Six has informed me that you believe you have discovered a way to track down the marbles.”

“Uh, yes, I believe I have.  It will take some time, some trial and error, and we’ll probably have to pull in some resources for various places, but I am confident that we are about a week, maybe two, from being able to pin point the exact location of the stolen marbles.” Frankie stooped down to the floor to pick up his pen, mostly just to have something to do rather than continue to stare at Laurel.  After he had straightened back up, Laurel and Brian just continued to stare at him, so he muttered something incoherent, and then starting talking about what he was working on, he spoke faster and faster as he got more and more nervous.

Finally, he realized that they didn’t appear to be following him.  He didn’t know if they were just being stony faced, but he decided to summarize, and simplify.  “Basically—if a very strong object is being used by a higher tier user, it will cover up lower ranking users with a distance.  We need to find out just how far these objects will cover, and what ranks they cover, but once we do, we can find the center of the diameter, and we can pin point the spot of the marbles.”

After a moment, Laurel smiled, an action almost as disheartening as when she looked angry. “Very good, Agent Seven. Continue with your work and let us know what you need.”  And then she turned on her heel and headed out of the room, Brian at her heels.

Frankie thought it was best for his sanity if he didn’t dwell on it too much and just got back to work.

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