Fiction: Injuries (200 words)

12 Jun

Every little move was slow and very deliberate.  He was trying to be as delicate as possible, and since she knew that he was trying very hard not to hurt her any more than he had to, she tried very hard not to flinch or cry, she told him as much.

“This is—well—there’s no need to beat around the bush.  This is going to hurt like absolute hell.” Ayden said gently, his hands resting on either side of her knee.

Isa let out a desperate sort of sound, more breath than laugh.  “I’m already in hell’s worth of pain, and I’d rather not die—so let’s get this over with, yes?”

Ayden nodded.  Someone placed a piece of leather between Isa’s teeth, but he didn’t see who.  Ser’s hand rested on Isa’s face and kept her eyes shut.

Ayden moved, and Isa screamed.  He couldn’t stop though, even as tears filled his eyes he couldn’t stop.  He had to get this done. He was almost relieved when she finally passed out, because then at least it was harder to see how much pain she was in.  Why couldn’t he have fallen in love with someone a little less prone to injury?

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