Fiction: Awe (374 words)

11 Jun

Colin watched Mara almost unabashedly, and could only come to one conclusion.  No one knew what she and her brother got up to.  In the past two days—he’d seen a fair amount of other girls with their hair braided low over one eye.  You never would have guessed that it started with Mara. It seemed so casual an adaptation that it wasn’t sheep following the fashion of one woman, but the gentle shift of fashion.  No one would expect that it was all to cover eight stitches because Mara let her fight get a little sloppy.

He couldn’t believe it, watching Mara and Andy interact with people like nothing was going on.  Did none of their friends realize? Could no one pick up what they were doing behind the scenes? No one had a clue?

But then again—Colin had been their best friend since they were all six years old—and he didn’t have a clue what they were doing behind the scenes.  How could someone else figure it out if he couldn’t?

He’d been so lost in thought that when Mara dropped into the chair on the other side of the lunch table that he gave a little start.  “People are going to talk,” she smiled, leaning across the table to whisper.

“Talk? About what?” Colin was genuinely befuddled.

“Well—if you keep looking at me like you can’t believe I let you see me naked, people are going to assume that I actually let you see me naked.” Mara teased.

Colin sputtered for a moment in embarrassment, before deciding his best decision was to just not respond to that one and opted for the safe “How’s your head?”

“Fine. Hurts, but it will remind me to keep my guard up next time, won’t it?  Serious though, Col—“ Mara fixed him with a serious look, and he actually sat up a little straighter under her glare, “Ask to see me naked or stop staring. Dealer’s choice.”

Colin gaped at her as she stole a french fry off his plate and walked away with a swing in her step.  Now he not only had to figure out how Andy and Mara kept this a secret for so long—but also was that a joke or not?

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