Fiction: Quiet Afternoon (356 words)

05 Jun

The truth was, they had very little to say to each other.  It wasn’t that the liked or disliked each other—it was just that they had very little in common and even less to discuss.  So, when circumstances dictated that they were left alone to guard the house, they usually just sat silently, going about their own business.

Ash wondered if Michael was going to allow them to go to the bookstore this weekend, or if she should start rationing her note taking papers for the upcoming month.

Charlotte thought back through her morning—trying to remember when Samuel said he’d be home—and whether or not she was going to wait for him to eat dinner.

Ash replayed the plan that she and Michael had set up for next week’s job and came up with four—no wait—five points that needed to be revisited before the plan could actually go into action.

Charlotte decided that she going to pass on dessert tonight so she could cash in a favor and get ice cream next time they were in town. She might convince Samuel to do the same because ice cream was delicious.

Ash decided it was time for her to learn a fourth language—and she planned to make a pro-con decision list to decide which language should come next, once she had a little bit more disposable notepaper.

Charlotte wondered which fruits they had in the kitchen.  What did she even want?  Apples? No—Grapes.  Charlotte definitely hoped they had grapes in the kitchen.

Ash reminded herself to go ask Kingsley about his last job in town.  She had a couple of questions about how they were going to report some of their income.

Charlotte wondered how many whole grapes she could fit into her mouth without choking.

Ash couldn’t remember if she actual ate lunch.  She should probably eat something.

Charlotte and Ash stood up and took a step towards the kitchen together.  They blinked at each other for a moment, like they were trying to remind themselves the other was there.  Ash took a step back and gestured to the door.  “After you, Charlie.”

“Thanks. Ash.”

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