Fiction: Deceptive (156 words)

04 Jun

She was a terrifying woman.  He’d known that since the first moment he laid eyes on her when he’d been introduced to her as his new ‘on the street’ partner when his boss handed him the several page and rather lethal looking resume.

But she never acted like it.  She was a woman of smiling and joy and looking at the bright side of life.  She played a fair number of pointless video games and he was pretty sure she had been the first in line to buy tickets for the new Disney movie when it hit theatres.

She did an extremely good job of covering her tracks, but he still couldn’t shake the memory that she once killed someone with a ball point pen cap.  Not the pen, mind you, just the cap.  So, she was an absolute sweetheart and a terrifying woman.  He just had to make sure to never forget that fact.

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