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Fiction: Love and Hate (188 words)

“I hate you,” Jessa protested weakly.

“I know, sweetie, I know,” Ser responded automatically, flexing his hand while he had the chance.  She’d want to grip it again when the pain came back.

The nurse helped mop sweat off Jessa’s face and gave a little laugh. “Well—aren’t you two just the cutest couple I’ve ever seen.”  She cooed.

“She hates me, and that makes us adorable?” Ser asked the question that Jessa was thinking.  That’s what made them perfect for each other—even if she did hate him. Violently. With the pain of many suns.

“Oh, you two love each other—a one eyed deaf man could figure it out.”  The nurse smiled, reaching down to take Jessa’s pulse at her wrist, “When you get through this, you’ll be excellent parents.”

Jessa looked at Ser with a smile. “You think?” She asked, her voice still horse from the earlier shouting.

“Oh, most definitely,” Ser couldn’t help but smile back.

“I still hate you,” Jessa added, sitting up a little straighter as she could feel the pain coming again.

“Of course you do, sweetie.” Ser offered her his hand to squeeze again.

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Fiction: The Bad Guy (178 words)

Liz didn’t really see herself as a bad guy.  But then again—how many people really saw themselves as the bad guy? No one was really evil for the sake of being evil-they just did what they thought was in their best interest and had the misfortune of not being the protagonist of the story.

And that was what Liz had just learned—she wasn’t the protagonist of her story.  No, the protagonists were Finn and that insufferable ‘Bette, like Betty but with an e.’  Liz would be hard pressed to think of a more annoying woman or a more pretentious nick name—Bette was a disgrace to all Elizabeth’s everywhere.

But Bette and Finn were getting married.  They were going to have their Happily Ever After—and even Carter, who was supposed to be hers, supposed to be Liz’s love—Preferred spending time with Bette and Finn to spending time with her.

Well, okay then, if they wanted to cast Liz as the bad guy, then she’d play the role to the best of her ability.  They’d live to regret that decision

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Fiction: Mind Melds (404 words)

Andy crossed his arms over his chest. “Oh—you’re going to make me do something stupid, aren’t you?” He whined as he glared at his twin sister and his best friend.

“Well, it is you so—“

“Isn’t everything you do kind of stupid?” Mara started the insult, and Colin finished it.  Then, without looking up from the plans they were working on, they reached out and high-fived each other.

Andy made a frustrated noise at the back of his throat and threw his hands in the air. “Mara! I’m your twin! Me! We are the ones who are supposed to be annoyingly on the same wavelength.  And Colin, stop stealing my sister!”

“Sorry,” Mara and Colin apologized in unison, and high-fived again, both of them grinning to themselves while Andy let out another frustrated sigh.  But Andy saw their smiles, he saw their joy at getting to mess with him, and he knew that meant there was only one thing to do.  They both had to be taken down a peg.

“Okay—okay, I’m just going to let it slide because I’m just going to assume that you two will finally cave to your impulses and get married. After all, we all know that true love married brain beats out twin slash sibling brain.  But, I swear Colin Donnal, if you don’t make an honest woman of my sister, I will find you and I will hurt you.” Andy turned on his heel and left the room, using every inch of his willpower to not cackle manically as he went.  He stopped just clear of the door and pressed himself to the wall, where Colin and Mara couldn’t see him, but he could hear them.

There was a distinct lack of paper shuffling.  Andy was imagining they were both just starting at whatever was in their hands, just as frozen as when he’d started talking, at a loss.

Finally he heard Mara give a little cough. “That brother of mine. He’s something, huh?”

“Yeah—“Colin’s response was soft, “He’s something alright.”  Andy began to feel a little guilty about making them uncomfortable, but—

“You think if we work quick, we could set up a prank in his room before we have to head out for this mission?”

“Oh yeah. If we go with plan 4.3 we have plenty of time.”

I hate them both, Andy thought as he went to check the security measures on his room.

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Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 22 (480 words)

Marcy, Frankie, Hank, and Willow were all laying on the ground in the middle of the gym, staring at the ceiling. Frankie had been banned from his lab for two days while his figures were being reviewed supposedly to “avoid his interference” but it might also have been since Laurel was slightly annoyed to find he’d worked for seventy-two hours straight. They’d been training to kill some time, but they all grew bored with that too and with one thing or another ended up on the floor.

“I am so bored!” Marcy finally screamed about as loudly as she could manage without going shrill.  Frankie jumped about half a foot, Willow smiled slyly to herself, and Hank laughed out loud.

“Yeah.  Yeah, I would echo those sentiments.”  Hank offered.

“I know that there are people who are out to get me and I know that technically I should be really worried about everything, but all I want is to get out of this agency.  I just want to go anywhere.  I am so bored that I can’t even make myself be paranoid.”

“Wow. That’s really bored.”  Willow smiled even wider at the ceiling.

“Come on.  There has to be something that we can do.  Like, a movie or something.  Three hours out of the walls of this place, we can bring everyone who knows how to fight just in case I’m attacked which is unlikely because they don’t even know what I look like so they probably wouldn’t want to attack such a public place and oh my goodness please we have to be able to do something I’m going absolutely crazy here!”

“I don’t know, Marce.  I feel like it would be a lot of pretty complicated organization for such a small turn out.” Willow replied.

“Easy for you to say, Wills.  You left the complex yesterday with Joey.  Don’t you dare deny it?  I know it’s true.  And come on.  When have you ever turned down the opportunity to go see a movie?  Please, Willow, Please!”

“She has a point, Willow.  I’m sure that if we went to talk to Laurel together—we could offer all of the Top Tier Users a chance to get out and walk around for a while.” Frankie suggested.

“See. Yes.  Frankie, you are a good man.  Willow, listen to this man.  He is smarter than the both of us combined.”  Marcy hit the mat in Frankie’s general direction as a show of thanks.

“Probably all three of us combined,” Hank added.

“Well, fine then.  You all can go talk to Laurel, and if you guys can win the fight versus her, then I will volunteer to be a part of the security detail.”

“Wimp.”  Marcy muttered under her breath, and Hank started laughing again.  Willow made a less than polite gesture in the general direction of Marcy.

“You’ve got yourself a deal.”  Frankie countered.

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Fiction: Friendly Interrogation (256 words)

“So, what’s your deal?” I sat down, swinging a thin gold chain around my finger.  Irma had told me to leave him alone, but I just wanted what was best for her, and I’d never been very good at following her instructions anyway.

Thomas looked up from the page he was reading, drawing his eyebrows together questioningly.  “What’s my what?” He still sounded sweet, as kind as if I didn’t just come at him with a potentially insulting question.

“Your deal.” I put down the chain and looked at him sternly.  “You look at Irma-strangely.  I don’t know. It’s not love, or like or anything I’d ever seen before.  I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it’s what you say it is, causally dating or whatever the bullshit you tried to sell me and Mae.  So, I ask again, Thomas, what’s your deal?”

Thomas set his book down gently, and I saw the metaphorical shutter close down behind his eyes.  That’s what I was talking about, something wasn’t right with him.  “Irma and I have an understanding.  What she does and doesn’t tell you is up to her—not me.  If you feel you are being lied to, I suggest that you take it up with her, because my story stays the same.  Now, may I go back to my book?”

“Just, one more question.”

“Yes, Dora?”

“Thomas—have you considered going into politics?”

Thomas laughed as he flipped his book open again, something a little colder than his usual life. “Oh, Dora.  I already have.”

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Fiction: Matchmaking (425 words)

“I think you guys might very well be idiots.” Even though Jack’s eyes were still focused on the fire, he could see River and David turn to face him.  River’s face was indignant bristling at the insult.  David would be calmly curious, wondering what led Jack to say that.  “We’re fighting a war here,” Jack continued, “Tomorrow we ride into battle, not a metaphorical battle or a hyperbole, but a literal battle.  We could all die.  The chances of all three of us coming back alive and uninjured is very slim.  If you two go to bed tonight without talking, without laying everything on the line—then you two might very well be idiots.”

“Jack. What?” River managed. She was flustered, and possibly murderous, but he just couldn’t take it anymore.

“River won’t make the first move because she still fears that David is holding her refusal of the Order against her even though he knows she was right.  David won’t make the first move because he’s always thought that River was out his league, and he doesn’t want to hear that she never thought of him that way.”  Jack finally turned away from the fire to look at his two gaping friends.  “But—I swear—if you guys could see the way you look at each other when the other can’t see  If you could hear the way you talk about each other when you’re out of ear shot.  We could die tomorrow guys.  Lay it on the line. Do what you can, spend your night together. Enjoy tonight. Don’t go into tomorrow with things unsaid.”

Jack had done all he could.  The ball was well and properly in their court now.  He pushed himself up to his feet and started to head back to his tent, hoping they would heed his advice, hoping at the very least they could bond over their anger that he’d just spilled their secrets.   He’d made it a couple of feet before he heard River ask, “Did a former priest just advise us to have premarital sex?” And Jack stopped softly.

David’s laugh was a laugh of relief.  “Oh, I love you.”

It was all Jack could do to not turn around and watch them.  “You do?” River’s voice was quiet, almost bordering on timid. Apparently, they’d found the one topic that seemed to scare River.

“Yeah,” David replied easily, “Yeah, I do.  I thought you knew.”

“Oh—“ She paused, Jack held his breath, “Oh, David. I love you too.”

Jack smiled, stepping forward again.  They’d be fine tomorrow, just fine.


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Fiction: The Family Way Part 22 (415 words)


“Hah. No.”




“As in the naked mole rat?  Come on.”


“Are you even trying anymore, Avery? Or are you just trying to piss me off?”

Marta and I were laying on the floor in the living room, the tops of our heads touching, next to our bargain couch.   Marta had decided that it was more comfortable to be laying on the hard floor than it was to be in sinking couch. Then I felt weird sitting on the couch while she sat on the floor. Over time, we just ended up laying like this.

I’d been bouncing baby names off her all week, trying to figure out what we were going to call the little guy, and everyone had been met with a scoff of derision—so, yeah, maybe I was trying to piss her off a little bit.  What’s a girl to do?

“I don’t know—Mar? What were you thinking?”

“Uh—something Regal, I guess.  Something that sounds strong.”

“What? Like Henry or George?”



“Uh. Maybe, but no.”


“Ugh. No.”

“Marta, throw me a bone here.  I’m running out of kings I can name off the top of my head.” I pulled myself up so I was sitting crisscross applesauce, looking down at her.  “You don’t have any ideas for names other than shooting down my names?”

“Not really. I just…”  Marta gave an awkward shrug as best she could as she laid there.  “We’ve got time, right?  We’ve still got a couple of months before we have to—“  Marta made a face, and looked up at me with a frown.  “Avery, is it stupid for me to want one of his names to be Dad’s?”

I smiled at her, brushing a piece of hair off her face. “No, of course not, Mar. He’s our dad. He was a good dad, even if we didn’t agree with everything.” I laughed a little in spite of myself, “I don’t think we could have tolerated eighteen years of Mom without Dad, right?” Marta chuckled too, and gave me a nod.  “And hey—it’s my middle name too, right? So—if some time in the future Dad really pisses us of, we can pretend that he wasn’t part of this equation.  We just named him after me.”

“That’s true.  It is your middle name too.  Let’s make it his.  Something Martin Andersson.”

“Aw, Little Baby Something. I like it. We can agree on that one.”

Marta fixed me with a cold stare.  “No.”

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