Fiction: Lazy Saturday In (441 words)

31 May

“Oh, Most of the time I have no idea what’s going on,” Chris answered Nathan’s unanswered question.   Lizzy and her closest friends were sprawled around the living room, laughing like they’d just hear the world’s funniest joke.  Chris and Nathan had just been in the next room over when the laughter started, but as far as they could tell, nothing had set them off.  Lizzy herself was laughing so hard that she’d fallen over, and was now giggling half-sprawled on the floor.  “You can ask them to explain if you’d like, but nine times out of ten their explanations just leave me more confused than when they started, so proceed with caution.”

Nathan looked at the women, at Chris, and then back at the women laughing.  “You know what? I think I’m good.”

“Wise choice,” Chris patted Nathan on the back.  “Are you girls willing to let two boys join you on would we be ruining too much of your fun?”

“No, no, please join us.”  Lizzy calmed down enough to pull herself back up into a sitting position, putting the spot next to her on the ground.  Chris sat down behind her, pulling her so her back rested against his chest, dropping a kiss to her temple.  “Guys, you all know Chris.  This is his friend Nathan.  Nate, this is Sarah, Natalie, and Winifred.”  Lizzy pointed to each girl in turn.  “They were my apartment mates in college.”

“Winifred, huh?” Nathan asked, sitting on the couch in between Winifred and Sarah.

“Yeah.  Basically, my parents hated me,” Winifred answered automatically.

“No—I like it.  It suits you.” Nathan said lamely.  Winifred and Natalie shared a look.  Sarah let out a small giggle and Lizzy let out a rather unattractive snort.

“How about a movie?” Chris suggested quickly, cutting it off quickly before the girls could start laughing maniacally again.

“Oo—Avengers?” Lizzy asked quickly.  The girls let out a quick agreement as Chris let out a small groan.  “Please?  Either that or a rom-com?”  Lizzy turned a little in his arms and gave Chris her very best puppy dog eyes.

Chris melted almost instantly.  “Okay, okay, but only if you agree to stop comparing me to Chris Evans.”  Chris got up to get the DVD off the shelf.

“It’s a compliment.  Chris Evans is hot.”  Lizzy protested, with mumbled agreements from the other girls—and Nathan.

There was a second when everyone turned to look at him.  He shrugged.  “He’s a good-looking man.  But sorry, Liz, I don’t think our boy here is quite an Evans caliber.”

“I already regret watching this movie,” Chris muttered good-naturedly, and the girls laughed again.

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