Fiction: Family Way (Part 18) (480 words)

27 May

Marta ran really hot and cold with the idea of Bradley and me adopting her baby.  Flipping back and forth between the opinion that it was the best plan we’d ever come up with and the worst thought to ever have crossed our minds.  I couldn’t get her to sit still and have a proper conversation with me about it either, which I think was in a large part due to the fact that she didn’t really know why she was thinking whatever it was she was thinking on it quite yet.

I told her to think it over.  To plan, to really consider her options, and to reassure her that I did think that it was a good plan.  I told her we’d sit down after her next doctor’s appointment, and we’d come with a solid agreement then.

I’d been going to Marta’s doctors’ appointments with her since the beginning.  I was better with the lists and remembering the details, and I’d always wanted to make sure that there was nothing that Marta had forgotten.  We’d created a very strict stay near the head rule so no one saw anything they didn’t want to see, and we’d gotten along well.  The OB-GYN was a little confused, at first thinking we were lovers that looked eerily similar (that gave Bradley a good laugh) but once it was explained, Dr. Janet was more than friendly to the both of us.   More friendly than the receptionist, at any rate, who didn’t say anything outright, but it as easy to tell that she didn’t approve of how young Marta was.

Still, once we were in the screening room, we were fine. Dr. Janet went through her checklist, and we got back a whole list of “excellent” and “Very goods” which was very reassuring.  At the very least, it didn’t look like we were going to do any damage to this kid before it was born.  But then Dr. Janet peered up at us from behind her ultrasound monitor.  “Well, there we are.  Ladies, do we want to know the gender of our little peanut today?”

Marta looked up at me, chewing on her lower lip.   “Do we, Ave?”

I tried to keep a straight face, but I’m afraid I was grinning like a little kid at a fairground.  “I kinda want to know.  I mean, if you want to.”

Marta matched my grin and turned back to face the doctor, “Yeah.  Tell us.”

Doctor Janet readjusted the ultrasound and turned the screen to show us.  “There you are, ladies.  You’ve got a healthy little boy Andersson in there.”

I covered my mouth and said “Oh, my.”  But then I turned to look at Marta, but she was focused on the screen.   I’d never seen my sister look at anything like that.

I had a sneaking feeling that we’d be keeping the baby.

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