Fiction: New Sister (604 words)

24 May

“I’ve always wanted a sister,” Joanna spun around to see Samuel leaning against the doorway, a grin on his face, a single red rose in his hand. “I was hoping for a good sister, but I guess you’ll have to do.”

“Oh Sammy!” Joanna ran over and threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her level so she could kiss him on the cheek, leaving behind a little pink lip print. “We were so afraid that you weren’t going to make it.”

“Are you kidding me? Kingsley’s getting married.  I’d have to see it with me own eyes or else I’ll never believe it.  In fact, I still don’t think I’ll believe it when I see it.” Samuel returned a gentle kiss on the cheek and then offered her the rose. Joanna tucked it in the ribbon with all the others in the bouquet, a bright red spot surrounded by pinks and yellows.

“Did you bring Charlotte with you?” Joanna asked, returning to the mirror to put the finishing touches on her make up.

“No, she had to stay behind and finish the job so I could come.” Joanna met Samuel’s eyes in the mirror and offered him a look of sympathy, but Samuel perked up after a second, “But Kingsley says you two are sticking around ‘til next weekend for well-wishers, and she’ll probably be here around midweek.  She sends her best love though, and I have very specific instructions to remember every single detail to report back to her when she gets here.  Also, you may or may not have to put your dress back on to show her”

Joanna laughed, “I think I can manage that.   Well, I’m sad that you both couldn’t be here, but I know Kingsley is so grateful that you made it.  I don’t think that today would have meant as much to him if you hadn’t been here too.”  Joanna smiled, and then held out her arms to show off her dress, “So, tell me, Sammy, Does my dress make me pretty enough for Kingsley to want to marry me?”

“Oh, Jo, you could wear a burlap sack and Kingsley would want to marry you,” Samuel answered automatically, watching Joanna turn around.  “But, yes, you look absolutely beautiful.     Oh yeah, Lee wanted me to tell you that superstitions are stupid and when you’re married he never ever wants to have to go twenty-four hours without seeing you for any reason.”

Joanna gave Samuel a playful glare, “That doesn’t sound quite like him.”

Samuel shrugged, “Okay, so their might have been a bit more profanity in there, but that was the general gist.”

“Okay then.”  Joanna pulled Samuel into another hug.  “Oh, it’s so good to see you.  You and Charlotte stay away too long every time you leave.”

“We do. It’s good to be home.”  Samuel squeezed her tightly and lighted her slightly off her feet.  She laughed and gave a little mock childish squeal to be put down.

When he set her on her feet, she gave him a gentle shove towards the door.  “Go on. Ease your brother’s nerves and double check that his bathroom window is locked just in case.”

“Haha.”  Samuel replied sarcastically, “I could try to shove him out the window and he still wouldn’t go.  Goodbye, Joanna.  Next time I see you, we’ll be a proper family.”  Samuel gave her a little bow and dipped out of the room.

Joanna went back to the full-length mirror and readjusted her dress from where Samuel had picked her up.  She laughed to herself for a second.  “I’m getting married.”

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