Fiction: There for You (312 words)

22 May

Chris came into the room and found Lizzy laying on her stomach, feet kicked up in the air, looking up from her book to see who’d come in  She looked so casual and normal, that he hesitated, almost doubting himself.  But he knew her too well to think he was wrong.

“Something up?” Lizzy spun herself quickly so she was sitting cross-legged on the bed.

Chris shut the door behind him quickly so that he wouldn’t be overheard.  “Liz, I know you’re not okay.”

“Chris—I,” Lizzy stopped when Chris held up a patient hand.

“I’ll never mention it again if you want to stick to your current policy of denial, and I won’t tell anyone else, but for what it’s worth, I don’t think any less of you for not being okay.  It’s a shitty situation and I think you have every right to be upset about it.   I guess—the reason I’m telling you this is because if you decide that you want some help or need a moment to be not okay, you can come to me without breaking anyone’s allusion of you—alright?”

Lizzy placed her bookmark in the pages and shut the book carefully.  He could practically see the gears turning in her head.   He was patient though—curious to see which side she’d come down on.

Her shoulders rose and fell with a sigh.  “Chris—I’m alright.”

“Okay.” It was her grieving, and if that’s how she wanted to play it, he was going to let her. She had to do what was the best by her.  “If you need anything, let me know.”

Chris turned to open the door when Lizzy called his name again.  He turned to look at her without taking his hand off the doorknob, raising an eyebrow in question.  “Thank you—for understanding.”

Chris gave her a smile and a wink.  When she needed him, he’d be there.

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