Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 15

09 May

Willow let her chin fall to her chest, and then rocked her head slowly back and forth, stretching out her neck as she walked down the hall.  She had just finished a shift for Joey, reviewing old security tape and noting any suspicious activities, which meant watching an awful lot of nothing for the slightest hint of something. But now she was on break for twenty-four hours, and didn’t have to do a damn thing for anyone.  She thought she might go challenge Marcy to a fight, word around base was that she was kicking some serious ass in her training sessions with Hank and Maria, but first she was going to crawl into bed and sleep as long as her body would let her, or until her twenty-four hours were up and she had to report to her shift helping guard the entry ways of the base.

As she turned the corner to the hall leading to the bunks, she saw a brown envelope leaning against her door, which mean that she had received casual mail, mail that wasn’t critical information, typically coming from social contacts outside the workings of the Agency.  She raised an eyebrow.  Who in the world was sending her letters?  Her only close friend from this cycle was in base with her, and anyone else she had known socially died out a long time ago.  She scooped down to pick up the envelope, and saw it wasn’t actually mail.  There was no address or postage on the front, but someone had scribbled ‘Willow’ on the front with a thick marker.  It wasn’t Joey’s handwriting, nor Marcy’s, but who else would be leaving her notes outside her door?

With a bit of a smile on her face, Willow unlocked her door and pushed inside.  She sank down at her desk and pulled out her letter opener, starting to get excited.  She loved surprises, but since it was her job to be ready for every possibility, she was very rarely surprised.  Little moments like this were happy rarities.

When she got the envelope open, two items fell out. One was a folded sheet of paper, but the other caught her attention immediately. It was an eight and half by eleven booklet, which read “Apocolyptour” on it.  As Willow flipped through, she saw each page had the photo and bio of a member of Team Starkid. Each page was also accompanied with the starkid’s signature. Each and every Starkid on that tour had signed it.

Willow sank down on the edge of her bed, and cover her mouth with her hand. She traced each and every signature with her finger. That’s when she noticed the folded sheet of paper that had fallen out as well.

She picked up the page and flipped it open. In the same scratchy handwriting that put her name on the front of the envelope, there was a message.


I know that you were crazy jealous that I got to go out and see Team Starkid so I figured you could have this.  After all, I got to meet them; you can have their John Hancocks.

See you around,


Willow had to laugh quietly to herself.  This was a great present.  A perfect present, Willow would even venture to say.  And she had only talked to him for that couple of hours.  And then he came up with that.

Willow was torn as to what to think when it came to Frankie.  For god only knows how long, Frankie’s stuff had lived just on the opposite side of her wall.  In fact, if she rolled over right now and knocked on the wall next to her bed, then she could probably get his attention, assuming that like any sane person he was in his room at midnight.  But she had never spoken to him in an informal setting until just the other day.  And now, well, now she might just consider him the agent with the most interest in items closest to her own interests.  Joey was still her best friend; they had worked together for so long that Willow was sure that no one would ever replace that.  But Frankie, well, Frankie might just become something special as well.

With that interesting thought in her head, Willow placed her present up on her desk, and changed into her pajamas. Interesting ideas aside in her head or not, Willow was going to get those hours and hours of sleep that she had promised herself.


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