Fiction: Bringing the Usual (587 words)

01 May

Michelle had every intention of behaving when this night started.  Michelle and Adam had discussed it thoroughly.  She was ready to start properly dating again.  They decided that they were going to treat this like a first date—a fresh start—completely ignoring the last nine months where they had been in this half relationship half not limbo ever since he made it clear to her that he had feelings of that nature for her.

So, when they made plans, they were going to do it up first date proper, old-fashioned.  She dressed up nice and he made reservations at a several star restaurant.  They went for a short walk down by the boardwalk, and he brought her back to her house for a relatively early night.  He gave her a small kiss and headed back to his car.

She waited until she could see him exit the apartment building before she hit send on her phone.  She watched as he paused on the sidewalk in front of his car, reached into his coat pocket, stared at the phone in confusion.  He put the phone to his ear, and she heard, “Hello?”

“Adam. I’m in such a good mood right now, ask me why.”

She could see his shoulders shake with the laugh.   “Oh yeah? Why are you in such a good mood?”

“I just got home from the greatest date with the best guy.  And his ass looks so good in his suit pants.”

The present tense is what got him to finally turn around and look up at the window.  She waved at him, and he gave her a little wave back.  “Good date, huh?”

“Real good date.  One of my best I think.”  She smiled and put her forehead against the window.

She watched as Adam basked in the compliment and weighed his options, chewing on the corner of his lip. Even from three stories up she could see the change in his face as he figured that he’d throw caution to the wind.  “You want me to come over?  We can do that post-date run down—you can tell me what you really think about this new boy.”

“And you can give me your opinion on what I plan to do next,” Michelle teased. She watched him smile just a little wider and rocked back on his heels.  He liked that suggestion the way Michelle was hoping he would.  “But—“She continued, and watched him cock his head to the side, “only if you bring the usual.”

He gave a proper laugh at that, deep and sweet and loud enough that she heard it through the window pane as well as through the phone.  “Ice cream, wine, potato chips, and beer?” He confirmed, and Michelle nodded at him.  “We are classy.” He teased–an old joke.

“Thank you, Adam.”

“My pleasure,” he replied, giving her a little tip of an imaginary hat, “I’ll be up in a bit.”

“Okay, but hurry.  I really like this guy and I want to tell you all about it.”

“Okay. See ya,” Adam gave it his best attempt at nonchalance before hanging up the phone.  He had the decency to turn away from the window before giving a little fist pump and jump of celebration.  Michelle laughed and pretended she didn’t see it when he turned around to give her a wave as he got into his car.  She wasn’t sure what was going to happen when Adam got back, but she was happy that Adam was coming back.

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