Fiction: Ixi Agency (Part 13)

25 Apr


Joey never appreciated just how many people kept the Ixi Agency up and running until he had to interview all of them. Still, all of the preliminary interviews were done now, and there were most certainly worse missions that Joey had been on in the last century alone, so he probably shouldn’t complain ‘too’ much. But he was exhausted, and to not complain wouldn’t be in his nature.

“Mmph.” He said very helpfully as he laid his head down on the table.

“Very well said,” Darryl added in agreement, stacking papers neatly on the table.  “These are the people who lied to us.  I have the feeling that a lot of them are just going to be stupid little things: For instance, I know for a fact that two of Hank’s workers, Kathryn and Darren, are secretly dating, and that’s why they lied to us.  But still, I think we should call them all back in. It wouldn’t hurt to ask them all again.  And besides, Laurel said that she wanted us to be through, so we will be very through.”

“Mmph.” Joey repeated, his face still squished against the table top.

“Well, I’m going to take that as an affirmative, and I’m going to go ahead and schedule these appointments. But I’m going to do it tomorrow.”  Joey raised his head just enough to watch Darryl rub at his eyes, and then lean back in his chair. “I think it’s time to call it a night.”

“As the leader of this mission, I second that,” Joey stood up and scooped Darryl’s stack of papers into a folder, and together they started down the hallway back to the bunks.

“So, do tell, how did Willow manage to get out of the late night meeting?” Darryl asked.

Joey, suddenly very aware of who he was speaking to, worded his response very carefully. “She was tired, and Willow isn’t the best of help with paperwork when she is in the best of moods, so I figured having her around would actually be more a hindrance to productivity rather than any kind of help.”  He didn’t mention the way that Willow turned on the puppy dog eyes, and ask if he wouldn’t mind too terribly if she skipped to on it this time. He also didn’t mention that, really, Willow could ask him for pretty much anything, and if it was in his power, he would gladly give it to her. He was just that kind of pathetic.

Darryl smiled a knowing smile nonetheless, and shook his head.  “Be careful not to let her get too wrapped around your finger, Joey boy. Very little, if any good, will come of it.” Joey turned to ask Darryl just what he meant by that, but then Darryl said “Good night” and dipped into his own bunk.

Joey decided that he was just overly tried, and reading into things, becoming more paranoid than usual. In the morning, the comment would seem like nothing, because it probably was nothing.  Joey turned into his own bunk, fell onto his bed, and was almost instantly asleep, fully dressed and all.  When he woke up, he didn’t even remember Darryl’s comment at all.

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