Fiction: Road Trip (164 words)

23 Apr

Belle sat on the bench in the diner booth, her back pressed to the wall, her legs stretched over the seat.  SJ was leaning on the bar, flirting with some red-headed waitress, Drew, who had agreed to take the next driving shift, was out jogging a lap of the parking lot to get his “blood pumping” and to make sure he was awake enough to make it through the drive.  Belle rested her head against the wall and let her eyes fall shut.  She might want to get another cup of coffee if she didn’t want to fall asleep either.

“Family Road trip, sweetie?” Belle’s waitress, an older heavy-set woman in her sixties chewing on an impressive piece of gum came over and smiled at her.

“Mm.”  Belle made a non-committal sound from the back of her throat.

The waitress looked over at SJ, then out to Drew in the parking lot and smiled.  “So, are you going to need another cup of Joe?”

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