Fiction: Roomies (Part 2 of 2) (702 words)

19 Apr

Finn finally settled on Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story for the movie, because he knew she loved Ben Stiller which would make the Vince Vaughn more palatable.  When he was sure she was in the shower and wouldn’t be able to hear him, he called to cancel his plans and headed towards the kitchen. He made Pancakes and Eggs and for good measure, he threw in some really crispy bacon, almost to the point of burnt—just the way she loved it.

They ate until she was completely ranted out about “that dick, Donald” who she’d had to work with all day, and had caused the stressful day and the two-hour delay at getting home. Then he dumped a couple of bags of peanut M&Ms into a bowl and they went to the couch to watch the movie.

And that was the moment he wanted to last forever.  In spite of herself, she laughed a lot at the movie.  About half an hour in, she’d gotten a little snippy at the candy being so far away and settled into his side so she could reach the bowl better, leaning her head on his shoulder.  He was glad to have her so close.  He debated, not for the first time, what she would do if he just leaned over and kissed her—but then his phone rang and she lifted her head so he could reach for it, and the moment was broken.

“Carter. He said into the phone, trying not to be snippy for no reason, or through no actual fault of Carter.  “What’s up?” Bette reached out and paused the movie, then watched Finn to see if the conversation was going to apply to her as well, as conversations with Carter sometimes did.

“Liz and I were going out for some drinks—wanted to know if you wanted to come,”  Carter said over some serious background noise.  So, what Carter was saying was that Carter had gone dancing unaware that Liz would be the only other friend in attendance—and now Carter was desperate to get out of the club.

Finn made a face at Bette and she tried not to laugh.  She’d also put two and two together from what she’d overheard and Finn’s look.  “Oh—Sorry man.  Bette and I are in for the night.  She had a really rough day at work, and I think it’d be a dick move for me to head out now.”

There was a pause and they could almost literally hear the gears turning in Carter’s head.  “How mad do you think she’d be?” Carter finally asked, and Bette did a little fist pump of victory.

For some reason, Liz didn’t like Bette—and although she tried to like Liz, the snide remarks and underhanded actions of Liz had worn Bette down as well.  They were civil when put into social settings together for the sake of everyone else, but they rarely had a kind word for the other.  Finn called it the Rivalry of the Elizabeths, teaching that only one Elizabeth could thrive.  Carter had said he was pretty sure it was because Liz was jealous, but for whatever reason, they all correctly assumed that if Carter said he was going to Finn’s and Bette’s for drinks, Liz wouldn’t follow.   Bette, not so secretly, took a bit of pleasure in the moment of being the ‘Preferred Elizabeth.’

“Pretty angry.  So—tread carefully.”  Finn smiled and widened his eyes slightly at Bette in a teasing gesture.  She was doing a full fledge victory dance in her seat.

“I’m coming.  I’ll bring whiskey.  Thank you.”

“See you soon.”  Finn put the phone down and turned to Bette.  “So, Carter’s bringing Whiskey.”

“I knew it.  I’m the better Elizabeth.” She continued her victory dance.

“You are.  I could have told you that.”  Finn then got a trickster-like grin on his face, “you want to make him regret that decision?”

“What are you thinking?” Bette asked, offering him a sly grin of her own.

“I’m thinking that nothing fixes a bad day like a good old-fashioned prank on Carter.  Haven’t we proven that again and again?”

“I like the way your mind works, Finnegan.  Tell me, what have you got in mind?”

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