Fiction: Ixi Agency (Part 12)

18 Apr


Joey only let her have it for about five minutes when she was late, which Willow found to be very generous of him.  She tended to rant at him a minute for each minute he was late, in that mocking way that only two good friends can fully share.  But, she guessed his heart just wasn’t in it today.  Besides, she was just back up for Darryl as Joey asked the questions.  Willow and Darryl sat in the side room, watching as Joey and whoever he was questioning through the two way glass interacted.

Darryl’s super special talent at the Ixi Agency was that he was essentially a human lie detector.  He was also amazingly good at weaseling the truth out of people.  Even just hearing a sentence being read out loud, he could determine how much truth is in the statement.

Because of that, sitting on the other side of the mirror thing was so easy that it was quickly venturing to the side of “painstakingly boring.” Darryl would know within the first three words whether or not someone was planning to lie, and four out of every five times, people had no intention of lying.  Those who were lying, Darryl paid close attention, to, but it seemed to be that no one had any real dirt to keep covered up.  Mostly it was things like they had once slept through half a shift, or that a couple of couples were dating coworkers secretly behind the bosses of their coworkers, or other small things of that nature.

So, Willow let her mind wander.  She had been fascinated with her discussion with Frankie, they had so much in common that Willow had found it surprisingly easy to talk to him.  Most of the time, the only Agent that she actually found it easy to talk to was Joey, and that was really only because they had known each other so long.  Marcy would call Frankie one of Willow’s “Kindred Spirits.” Because Marcy liked to say things like that to make Willow’s nose wrinkle.  But Willow thought maybe things like that actually existed, and maybe Frankie was one of hers.  Either way, it was a shame that Frankie and she hadn’t gotten to know each other sooner.

“So. Where were you that caused you to be so late?” Darryl asked, causing Willow to jump a little bit.

“Just lost track of time.   Got talking to Frankie and didn’t really look at the clock.”

Darryl gave her a knowing kind of smile, and Willow automatically jumped to the defensive.  “What? I’m not lying.”

“No, you’re not lying,” Darryl said rather unhelpfully.

“Then what? Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“You’re blushing.” He said simply, and Willow’s hands jumped to her face to cover her cheeks.

“I am not.” She denied pointlessly.  Darryl raised an eyebrow but then turned his attention back to the interrogation in the other room.  Willow waited a couple of minutes before lowering her hands back down to her lap, hoping that all of her blush had faded away.

At the very least, Darryl did not bring it up again.

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