Fiction: Ixi Agency (Part 11)

11 Apr


Frankie looked up from his workstation as the lab door slid open. He saw a short red-headed girl entering, smiling up at him. It was Agent Six if he was remembering correctly, Willow Henderson.

“So, I’ve come to give you some information,” She smiled, holding out a thin folder, “Is this an okay time?”

“Uh. Yes, hold on one second and it will be an excellent time.” Frankie crossed the room, took off the gloves he was wearing, and washed his hands quickly. “I don’t think we’ve ever met informally.”  He smiled, turning back to Willow. “I’m agent Seven, but you can call me Frankie.”

“Hello, Frankie, I’m Agent Six, but you can call me Willow.”

“Hello, Willow. What information are you bringing?”

Willow held out the folder, ‘Agent Four, Agent Five, and I are leading an investigation into every member of the agency with the theory that there might be a mole in our organization somewhere that led to the leak of information that made the marble theft possible.  I’m supposed to remind you that it’s nothing personal and that we are looking in depth at everyone, but we will be interviewing you and all members of your department over the next couple of days.”  Frankie watched as Willow counted on her fingers for a second, and then smiled up at him again. “Yes, I think that’s all of what I was supposed to tell you.  Do you have any questions for me while I’m here, or questions I can take back to Joey for you?”

Frankie suddenly found himself desperate to ask a question.  He wanted to stick around and talk more, but he couldn’t think of anything, so he just smiled. “No, no questions. Thank you for the heads up.”

“Not a problem.” Willow turned on her heel and headed for the door, but stopped halfway there, and cocked her head to the side.  Frankie listened, aware that the song has changed, and with a slight groan he realized just how geeky his iPod had decided to make him sound.  He wondered if Willow was the type of girl to turn around and mock it to his face, or was it just something that she would mention to Agent Four and Five as they were going over their investigation, so they could laugh quietly among themselves.  What he was not expecting was for her to turn around with a huge grin on her face.

“Is that—is that the Dynamic Duet from Holy Musical Batman?” She asked.

“It, uh, yeah, it is. You know Team Starkid?” He asked, shocked.

“Know Team Starkid? I love Team Starkid. I’ve been watching them since A Very Potter Musical. One of the greatest things I’d ever seen.  Joe Walker makes a great Batman.”

“He does, but Nick Lang’s Robin totally stole the show away from the poor man,” Frankie grinned. Willow crossed the lab again and leaned against the table. “So, which is your favorite?”

Willow gave him a look like he’d asked her to choose her favorite person in the world. “Oh gosh, that would be a very hard choice to make.  I think, with my overwhelming maturity I would have to say that Me and My Dick would have to be my favorite, although I do have a special place in my heart for A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel.”

They talked, and talked, and talked.  They covered so many topics ranging from Starkid to other internet series, to big-name books like Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, and the Percy Jackson series, to television series to anything else, everything else, they could think of that they might have in common.  They talked for hours before Willow looked at the clock and jumped up.  “I was supposed to meet Joey twenty minutes ago.  I hate to chat and run out on you like this but—“

“Go ahead. Sorry that I took up so much of your time.” Frankie grinned.

“Not at all! It was an absolute pleasure. We should do this again sometime,” Willow called behind her as she ran out the door of the lab and the door slid shut again behind her.

Frankie watched the closed door for a second before humming to himself and crossing back to get his gloves. He had never been so happy to be so far behind the things that he had planned to get done that day.

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