Fiction: A Different Point of View (502 words)

10 Apr

He found it extremely funny that she was so much shorter than he was.  Most of the time, they were running around or on different levels or she was in heels or he was sitting and a thousand other excuses to not notice the difference.

But the, for whatever reason, she’d end up standing next to him barefoot or in flats, and she had to bend her head back to look up at his face and he’d start to laugh  She knew at that point shed just have to wait until he could get control of his giggles.  Unless she had something really important to say, she truly didn’t mind.

There was something refreshing about the humor he found in it.  He wasn’t laughing because she was short. He never made elf jokes or references to the lollipop guild.  He was laughing because of the height difference, yes, not only that she was unusually short, but also that he was unusually tall.  It wasn’t a mocking laugh, but the simple innocent joy of a kid who got to the top part of the jungle gym and now found that he was so much taller than all his friends.

“D’you want a piggyback ride?” He asked, and she looked up at him skeptically.

“Do I what?”

“Want a piggyback ride?  You can experience the world from my level for a little while.  It might be fun.”  He clapped his hands together like this was the best idea he’d ever had.

“Don’t you have better things to do than carry me around?” She asked, still not quite processing his leap from laughter to piggyback ride and to hide the fact that it did kind of sound like fun.

He gave a little “hmm” and drummed his fingers against his chin as he thought.  “No—I really don’t.” He turned around and got down on one knee, so his back was facing her.  “Hop on.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m very serious, and you know it will be fun and you know you want to.  If it will make you feel better, after this I’ll walk around on my knees for a while to see what it’s like at your level.”  She was a little sad to realize that down on a knee, he was about her height.  She tried not to think too much about it.

With a sigh, she stepped towards him, gently wrapping her arms around his neck, and letting him hook his arms under her legs.  He stood up quickly as if her weight was nothing.  She was kind of impressed in spite of herself.  “You alright up there?” He asked, giving her a little bounce as he readjusted the grip under her leg.

She took a look around. Things certainly looked different from up here. “Oh, god.  I need to clean the top of my fridge.”  She gasped, appalled.

He laughed.  “I wasn’t going to say anything—“ he added sarcastically before setting off to see the rest of the house.

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