Fiction: Phone Date (505 words)

06 Apr

“Oh look—here she is.”  Mae walked into the room to find Gary on the phone.  Before she could apologize quietly and back out of the room, Gary pressed the phone tightly to the side of her head—and out of instinct, she brought her hand up to hold the phone in place.

“Uh—hello?” She said at Gary’s insistence.  Gary took a step back and gave her an encouraging smile.

“Hello.  Unless someone has given you a serious kick in the groin, I don’t think I’m talking to Gary anymore.” The voice on the other side seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it.

“Wonderful deduction,” she said smartly, “I’m Mae. Who are you?”

“Uh—Richard.  Gary’s friends from college.”

“Well, hello, Richard-Gary’s-Friend-From-College.  While I’m pleased that Gary’s and mine friendship has reached the point where he just has me talking to his friends randomly because I walked into the room, do you perhaps know why he’s grinning at me like a maniac?” Mae asked, giving Gary a pointed look.  Gary tried to pull his face into a more somber expression, but failed miserably, breaking back out into a grin almost instantly.

“Yeah—I’ve got a good idea.  You’re the Mae who helped Gary out in his last stupid little vlog thing, right?”  Mae narrowed her eyes suspiciously as she looked at Gary.

“Yeah, that was me. Am I going to regret admitting to it?”

“Well, just before Gary turned into you, I was saying that you looked pretty cool in that video and that maybe we should hang out sometime.  Usually, I try to be more subtle about this kind of thing, but anyone who knows Gary—“

“Knows subtly is not his style. Yeah, I get that.”

It was Gary’s turn to look suspicious.  He pointed at himself and mouthed “me?” In response, Mae flipped him the bird, and Gary looked mock-scandalized.

“But, since Gary is Gary, and I’ve already got you on the line, what would you say to having dinner with me sometime this weekend?”

Mae waited for a second and then moved the mouthpiece away from her mouth.  “What’s the deal with this kid, Gare?”

Gary chewed on his lip for a second thinking, then gave her a smile.  “By your standards: Humor, ten; boyfriend potential, seven; looks, easily an eight, potentially more with the proper shirt, haircut combo.”

She gave Gary a thank you wink and directed her attention back to the phone.  “Yeah, alright.  I could do Dinner this weekend.  Gary’s got my number. I look forward to your call.” She took down the phone and hit the mute button before handing the phone back to Gary.  “By the way, I hate you.”

“Oh, you love me.”  Gary laughed before un-muting the phone and holding it back to his ear.  Mae started to walk away as Gary greeted Richard again, but turned around when Gary started laughing.  She raised an eyebrow questioningly.  “Oh, you love me,” Gary repeated, pointing at the phone.  “Oh, you two are going to be quite the match.”

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