Fiction: Ixi Agency (Part 9)

28 Mar


Three days had passed since Willow had brought Marcy back to the agency, and Marcy was bored to tears.  Marcy had been given a nice little room to be her own bunk. It had a twin sized bed, a dresser, a desk, and a small bookshelf, and all in all was much nicer than the bedroom in her cheap little apartment at home.  She also had a bathroom right off her room that was all hers, with an amazing massage head shower, which was pretty nice.  Marcy was considering asking Willow if she could tell her where to buy one when she was done with all she was doing here.

But since she had arrived, she had spent most of her time alone in this room.  Willow had shown up a couple of times to apologize for not being around more, before disappearing again.  Marcy understood.  Right now the entire world was focused on getting the other Top Tier Users to the agency, or at least the entire Ixi Agency was focused on that. Marcy also had a visit from a man named Hank, who came by to inform her that he was responsible for her security while she was under the agency’s protection. He also invited her to an open training session once all of the other top-tier users had arrived.  Marcy also ambled down to the dining hall a couple of times a day to stuff her face, but other than that, she had been entirely alone in her room, usually reading or writing, but sometimes just staring at the ceiling, most of that time thinking that she thought being whisked away to a top-secret half magical facility would be more, well, exciting.

The night of the third day, while Marcy was having one of her staring contests with the ceiling, Willow showed up with a stack of folders and smile on her face.  “I’ve got good news for you.”

“Good news? For me? You better not be teasing.”  Marcy swung herself up to a sitting position on her bed.

“No teasing.  All of the top tier users are in protective custody. Starting tomorrow the training begins, and there will be a lot more for you to do around here.  These,” Willow threw the stack of files down on Marcy’s desk, “are copies of the files on the other five top-tier users. They are also getting copies that have information on you, in case you would like to read up on them, and vice versa.” Willow sank down into Marcy’s desk chair.  “Tomorrow morning at nine am, you will report to a meeting with the top tiered users and Laurel, who will discuss what you are all supposed to be doing, or what you would like to do.  What do you think? Did I deliver good news?”   Willow smiled across the room, and Marcy was reminded briefly of a dog waiting for a treat after fetching the stick.  If Willow had a tail, it would be wagging.

“You delivered great news. I thought I was going to go mad from the boredom of sitting alone and staring at the ceiling.”  Marcy gave Willow both her treat and a little kick at the same time.

“Yeah. I’m sorry I couldn’t do much entertaining.  I had to help find these guys, and apparently, Joey already has our next missions lined up for us, so I don’t think I’ll be around too much to entertain you even now.”

“I understand.” And Marcy truly did. “After all, you’ve got some pretty big responsibilities sitting on your head, the least of which are directly related to me.  I understand wholeheartedly that you’re going to have to spend time worrying about other things.  Besides, now I’m going to have other things to occupy my time.  That Hank guy said there was going to be training for those who want it, and I’ll certainly want it. So at the very least, that will be something for me to do.”

“Ah, Hank. He’s a good man. Don’t tell him I told you this, but when it really comes to weapons, you’re going to want to ask Maria for help.  She kicks some serious ass.”  Willow tapped the side of her nose in a secret code kind of way.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”  Marcy tapped her nose back.

“Anyway. I’ll leave you to your files and the like, and I’ll see you at oh-nine-hundred tomorrow.  Have a good night.” Willow left, so Marcy stood up and crossed to her desk to look at the files.

There were five files, one each for the five different people, three male, and two female, but they covered six continents:  A little boy from Africa, An older man from Australia, A teenager from Asia, a tanned girl from South America, and a twenty-year-old from Great Britain. At a cursory glance, they seemed to have absolutely nothing in common with each other, let alone Marcy herself, but then she read a little deeper into the files.  Those who were old enough for College or University had all gone to school for literature in the primary language, with the intent of writing. The Asian teenager had already declared writing as a degree. The little boy had a tendency to make up stories about objects that he had come into contact with, especially when negative things happened with them.  The Ixi file indicated that some of them were true stories that a Top Tier might encounter, but many of them were things that were just plain made up out of his own imagination.

Marcy found that strangely fascinating. Perhaps that sort of imagination came from being a top-tier user.  Or perhaps, whatever it was that decided who was where on the ranks of power looked for that kind of quality.  Either way, it was something that was worth noting.  It was something that might bond them together.  Marcy went to sleep thinking that maybe they might find something as a group to bind them and maybe they might even be able to become friends.

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