Fiction: After Office Hours (548 words)

23 Mar

I knocked on the door and pushed it open with the same motion.  “Hey there—Oh!” I stopped short.  His office hours had ended over an hour ago, so I hadn’t expected anyone to be there, but a student was sitting on the opposite side of Benjy’s looking like she had a lot more on her mind than an extension on a paper. “I’m sorry.  Do you want me to come back later?”

Benjy looked at me like I’d just answered all his prayers.  He stood quickly.  “No, Darling, no, please come in.”  He crossed the office and ushered me inside, resting his hand on the small of my back, doing everything other than kissing me and screaming “We’re romantically involved!” to imply such to the undergrad still seated. “Hol, have you met Angel? She’s one of our more promising History students.”

“No, I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure.  Hello Angel.”

“Hello,” The girl replied curtly, already collecting her things. “Well, Professor, I think I have taken up too much of your time already. Thank you.”  She as good as bolted from the room.  Benjy crossed the room into quick strides, shut the door behind her, then braced his back against it like the girl might use a battering ram to get back in.

“Darling?  Really? I’m going to have to insist you buy me dinner first.” I crossed my arms over my chest in mock indignation.

Benjy looked up like for a second he’d forgotten I was there.  “Thank You. Thank you so much for your impeccable timing.   You are a lifesaver.”

“That poor girl,” I chuckled, and Benjy’s eyes got wide.

“Poor Girl? Poor Girl? She was about thirty seconds away from ripping open her shirt and jumping on my desk.  I was sure I was going to be arrested.  Poor me.”  Benjy stepped away from the door, pointing emphatically at his own chest.

“Oh, Psha.  She didn’t seem like the jump on your desk kind of girl.  She just wanted you to know she was interested.  So, yes, poor girl.  You’re hot, and she’s devastated to know that she doesn’t have a chance.”

“Speaking from personal experience?” Benjy waggled his eyebrows and stepped close to me again, slipping a teasing, and yet still somewhat innocent arm around my waist, “Were you devastated to learn that you didn’t have a chance?”

I smiled and tapped my finger gently on his nose. “Oh, Benjamin, I’m still not convinced that I don’t have a chance.” And then I gave him what couldn’t be mistaken as a friendly kiss.  When I pulled away, he was practically frozen on the spot.

I took advantage of Benjy’s shock to stop out of his arms.  “Miss Cassie wanted to know if you’re going to be at the house for dinner.  She’s grilling and wants to know how much to make.  Should I tell her you will be?”

“Uh–sure.”  Benjy still looked somewhat stunned.  I have to admit, I was a little bit proud of the effect I could have on him.

“Excellent.  See you around, Professor.”  I shut the door behind me, mentally placing unverifiable bets about how long he would stand stunned in the middle of his office before snapping out of it and getting back to work.

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