Fiction: Confessions (496 words)

19 Mar

“I think you deserve to know that I would really like to kiss you right now.”   I looked up from the table to see that Connor had come into the study room.

“I’m sorry?”

“The way you handled yourself back there when Andrew was being a jerk was—well, let’s be perfectly honest—a real turn on.  And it occurred to me that I’ve been thinking about you in a way that could be considered more than a friendly way for a little while now.”

“Oh.” It was all I could say because I mean, really, how were you supposed to respond to something like that?  Especially when it came from a man who had flitted in and out of your dreams for the five years you’d known him?

“This puts me in an unfortunate situation, you see, because of Nancy.” Connor continued.

“Oh. Nancy.”  What had felt like a bubble of lightness growing in my chest popped suddenly.  How had I forgotten about Nancy, Connor’s girlfriend of the past ten months?  Well, the answer was simple.  I’d spent most of the past ten months avoiding Nancy like the plague.

“Yes. Nancy.  I owe her an explanation.  Now, I don’t want you to feel pressured to respond to this one way or the other because I am still going to talk to Nancy because that’s what’s fair.  She doesn’t deserve to be with someone who is thinking about another woman. But, I have a question.  After I talk to Nancy, would you like me to come and talk to you some more?  Or am I never mentioning this again?”

I sat in silence for longer than I should have.   I could see the nerves shifting to anxiousness in Connor’s face.  I just wasn’t one hundred percent sure that this was actually happening.  When I noticed Connor starting to fidget a bit, shifting his weight back and forth between his feet, I realized I should probably say something.

“I’d like that.  I mean—I’d like you to come and talk to me some more if you don’t mind.  I’d like that a lot.”

Connor broke into a wide smile, and I had to smile back.  That was the thing about Connor, you had to smile when he did—or maybe that was just me.  “Good. Excellent.  Great.  Are you going to be here late tonight?”

“Yeah. I’ve got a lot of work to get done.”

“Great.  I mean, I’m sorry but—Okay. Okay, I’ll meet you back here?”

I nodded, and Connor turned to leave, but I called him back for a second.  “I was just thinking,” I said with a smile despite the return of his concerned look, “that you deserve to know that I would really like to kiss you right now.”

Connor gave me a rough smile, then disappeared out the door.

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