Fiction: Evil Cat (328 words)

15 Mar

“It’s staring at me,” Chris shouted from the living room.  Elena smiled to herself as she continued to thumb through the box of DVDs she had in her room. “I’m pretty sure it’s going to eat me!” Chris called again.  Elena chucked as she pulled out the case she’d been looking for.  “It’s evil!” Chris added as she made her way back down the hall to the living room.

“Oh, Loki,” Elena grinned, scooping the small cat up under her arm as she walked past his perch on the armrest of the couch, “We’re not going to kill Chris, are we?” She dropped the cat down next to her boyfriend, where the cat curled up against his leg but continued to stare up at him.  She put the DVD n the player and then turned around to face Chris again and just started laughing.  “Well, no need to look so wounded, Chris, he’s just a cat.”

“He’s staring at me,” Chris complained weakly, pointing at the cat.

“And you are a new subject in his domain.  What did you expect?” She picked up the cat and sat down in the same place, settling Loki in on her lap. She hit play on the DVD remote and then watched her boyfriend and pet continue their staring contest. “Are you going to be able to watch the movie? Or is the cat so distracting that I should put him away?”

“I’m just saying—you name a cat after the god of mischief and a Marvel villain, don’t be surprised when it turns out to be evil and tries eat your boyfriend during a movie.” He reached out to pet the cat gently, and Loki purred into his hand, “Okay. Maybe he’s not too evil.”

“Not too evil? You boys going to behave enough to make it through the movie peacefully?”  Loki gave a little ‘mew’ as Chris said yes, and Elena rolled her eyes as she turned back to the TV.

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