Fiction: Thin Walls (2 of 2) (625 words)

13 Mar

Jemma woke up to three quick knocks on the motel door.  That meant it was Geoff outside.  She sat up, stretched, and pulled a hoodie on over her tank top before she headed towards the door.

“We can’t have a job this early.”  She said, opening the door as she spoke.  She got her answer as she took a good look at her brother.  “Oh, I see. Let the sucking up begin.”

Her rough and tumble would rather be in a cabin fishing and hunting then go anywhere near civilization brother was standing at her door with a Starbucks cup and treat bag in hand.

“Quad Venti Salted Caramel Mocha and a cheese Danish,” he said as sweetly as he could, holding them out to her.

“Did you send Greg?” Jemma asked, taking the treats away from him.

“No—well, I had to ask him what most of it meant and what you would like, but I went to the Starbucks myself.”

“Wow. You must really feel bad.  I wish I could have been there to see that.” She opened the bag and pinched a piece of the Danish off and popped it in her mouth.

“Greg took a video. He’ll probably show you if you ask nicely or look like you’re in a desperate need for a laugh.  May I come in?”

Jemma considered him while she took a sip of her drink, but stepped to the side and let her brother pass into the motel room. “I wanted to apologize, again, or for the first time out loud.  But, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.”

“’S okay,” Jemma said around the lip of her cup, “I know you didn’t.  I’ll forgive you.”

“Thank you, but I wanted you to know that it won’t happen again. I promise.”  Geoff crossed the room and sank down onto the edge of the bed that Jemma wasn’t using.

Jemma raised an eyebrow and put her drink and Danish bag down on the little desk in the corner.  “Careful, Geoff, you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.  Especially not to me.  I don’t forget.”

“No, no. It’s a real promise.  From now on, if I want to bring a girl back to the room, then I’ve got to get my own room, away from both of y’alls, paid for out of my own pocket money.  If I don’t think she’s worth paying a room, I won’t sleep with her.  It’ll be good for me on that quest to not get every STD known to man.”

“Aw. But how will I win my bet with Greg if you decide to be more discerning?”

Geoff studied his sister’s face, but he couldn’t tell if she was serious or not.  “You and Greg have an STD bet on me?”

“No, Geoff, we don’t have an STD bet on you.  I was teasing.”

“Not an STD bet? So, you have other bets about me then? What do you and Greg do when I’m not around?”

“Come on.  Would you want me to spill all of our secrets to Greg whenever he asks?”

Geoff opened his mouth to protest, but seemed to think better of it, and started again.  “Fair enough. I retract the question.”  He stood up, grin on his face.  “Happy with your breakfast then?”

“Yes, Very.”

“And I’m well and truly forgiven?”

“You are well and truly forgiven.”

“Good.”  Geoff clapped his hands together and gave Jemma a cocky grin. “Get dressed, get packed, and get ready to go.  We’ve got a job, and roll out in two hours.”

Geoff let himself out of the room, and Jemma finished her coffee slowly, idly wondering how much Greg was going to make her pay to see that video of Geoff in line at Starbucks.


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