Fiction: Friday Night (248 words)

09 Mar

Thea sat curled up in the corner of her bed, blankets pulled into a little cocoon around her, reading a letter that had arrived from Jimmy earlier in the day.  She looked up when her sister came bursting in the room, phone pressed firmly to her ear, already mid-argument.

“You know what? Fine.—I said fine.  No, we’ll do it your way….Whatever…No…Okay. No, no. Fine. Fine. Bye.” She hung up with more force than was strictly necessary and dropped the phone on her own bed with a frustrated growl.

“Drew?” Thea asked carefully from her corner.

“Drew,” Amanda confirmed, crossing over to the mirror above her dresser and carefully unpinning her hair from the complicated bun she’d worn all day.

“Talking or forgetting?” Thea asked, marking her spot in the letter for later reading.

“Neither,”  Amanda held up a hand, “I give it, five, four, three,” She counted down on her hand and then pointed to the phone as it started to ring just as she reached zero.  Amanda smiled at Thea through the mirror.  “I am so very good.”

“Drew?” Thea asked again, this time with a smile.

Amanda crossed over to look at the phone screen and confirmed once more, “Drew,” before going back to the mirror and her hair.

“Not going to answer it?”

“Nope.  He can stew for five minutes while I finish my hair. Say hi to Jimmy for me when you write him back, yeah?”

“Okay then.” Thea laughed, returning to her letter.

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