Fiction: Ixi Agency (Part 5)

28 Feb


Marcy blinked back and forth between Joey and Willow, not really seeing either of them.  When she finally spoke, all she could say was “No. No, no, no.” She shook her head and pushed herself up off the couch. “No, I’m sorry, but you guys are crazy.  Or mistaken. Or just plain wrong. I’m not any kind of Magical or fantastical, or whatever it is you’re calling it. I mean, come on, Willow, you’ve known me for nine years. You should most definitely know that it can’t be me you’re looking for.”

“I have known you for nine years, Marce. And that’s how I know and believe so easily that it is you.  Come on, think about it.  Sometimes weird things happen when you play with things you’ve never touched before, Right? I mean, remember that time you got a new bracelet and started to consider dying your hair? Your hair grew more and more auburn, but then you broke the bracelet and it faded back to black?”

“That was just because I was in the sun more often,” Marcy defended weakly. She knew that wasn’t true, Marcy avoided the sun more often than not, but it was the only logical explanation that Marcy could come up with, so it was what she stuck to.  Willow gave Marcy a skeptical smile and raised both eyebrows.

“Out in the sun? Sure.” Willow shook her head and pulled a necklace that Marcy had never seen before up and over her head. “Here” Willow handed the charm to Marcy, still carefully holding the chain in her own hand. “Close your hand around that and think about—I don’t know—Agent Seven, and then shut your eyes for a second.”

Marcy did as Willow told her. “Agent Seven, Franklin George Kurlt. Location: Agency. Status: Alive, Awake, Healthy, and Uninjured. Agent out of tracking range.” Marcy said automatically. She turned to look wide-eyed at Willow.

“Now try Agent Four,” Joey suggested.

Marcy tried the process again. “Agent Four, Joseph Andrew Rodgers. Location: On Mission, currently in Shelton, CT. Status: Alive, Sleep Deprived, Healthy, and Uninjured. Agent within Five feet.” Marcy Recited.

“Sleep deprived? When was the last time you slept?” Willow turned towards Joey now, pulling the charm out of Marcy’s hand as she did so.

“I’m not sure. Jet lag has the most to do with it. I’m not even sure what time my internal clock thinks it is. I got a call and boarded the next plane, and then you dragged me out on the retrieval. What did you want me to do?”

“I want you to sleep. Sleep deprived on a mission. Honestly.”

“Hey, hey, you volunteered us.”

“Not the point. You’re sleeping on the drive back to the agency. I’m driving.”

“Yes, Mommy Six.”

Marcy watched them go back and forth, still not one hundred percent sure she believed all that was going on. But she had always trusted Willow, and that charm was pretty compelling.  Unless of course, this was all some kind of elaborate brainwashing program that Willow had been working on for years, in which case it was probably too late to do anything about it anyways.  Marcy decided, either way, she should probably just go with the flow.

“Uh, guys. Aren’t you supposed to be taking me into protective custody or something like that?” They both turned back to Marcy for a second, staring blankly for a moment.

“Right!” Willow suddenly, declared, looking a little bit more like the woman who burst through the door with no explanation than the friend trying to explain everything.  “Marcy you come help me decide what you want to bring with you.  Joey lay down and try to take a nap until we’re ready to go.” And then she headed towards the bedroom again, muttering under her breath, something that sounded like continued distaste of her sleep-deprived partner.

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