Fiction: Family Way (Part 4) (595 words)

18 Feb

“Ladies,” Bradley said politely, offering a hand to both Marta and me as we got out of the car.  We thanked him and he offered both of us an arm, and we walked into the dance three abreast.

“We’re a force to be reckoned with,” Marta smiled, “Those Andersson Twins and their man slave.”

“Hey!” Bradley protested.

“You’re not a man slave, sweetie.” I patted Bradley’s arm absentmindedly while I took in the gym and its decorations, “Man, Marta, this place looks amazing.”

“Thanks.  I mean, it was mostly Natalie’s design and she was in charge. I just did a bit of grunt work.”

“Still.  Impressive.” Bradley agreed with an accent.

Marta narrowed her eyes at him. “I always think that it takes away from the compliment when you do it in that voice.”   Bradley just smiled, and Marta rolled her eyes, “Alright, I see some of the girls, I’ll meet up with you guys later.”  Marta wandered off to join the soccer team.  Or was it the softball team? I could never remember what season was what.

“Mean,” I said for the sake of at least pretending sibling solidarity.

“Oh, you know she loves the attention.” Bradley returned to his normal accent, and leading me out on to the dance floor, “and since we know that Marta has an undying love for me, but I chose you, I think I should give her some attention every now and then. You know, just so she doesn’t feel the loss of me so entirely.”

I tried not to laugh out right.  The idea of Bradley and Marta together was hilarious.  They wouldn’t make it through Marta’s two week trial period.  They’d kill each other somewhere around date two. The song changed, and Bradley pulled me in close, and I stopped thinking about Marta.

The dance went really well. The DJ had a great mix, the snacks and drinks were pretty impressive, Bradley stopped drinking after the punch was spiked, but since it was spiked with something truly lovely, I got a nice little buzz, and even though I was dressed in one of her dresses, I only got three “Hey Marta we need–not Marta, sorry Avery” which was a low number for these kinds of events.

“I’ve never understood how people can confuse you two.” Bradley shook his head after the last one, as the dance was starting to wind down.

“You’ve lived next door to us since we were five. You’ve got a head start on everyone else.”

“Okay. Maybe. But people know about us, right? So, if they see an Andersson twin dancing with me—you’d think they’d assume.”

“Bradley, I think you’re overestimating the intelligence of our general student body.” I teased, and Bradley slumped his shoulders.


Just about then, Marta showed up again, a little pink in the cheeks and with a giggle which meant she’d also been enjoying the punch before the teachers traded it out for the clean stuff again. “I’ve got a ride to Natalie’s, and I called Dad and told him she invited me to stay the night ‘after the party ended’ so don’t expect me home.  You guys have fun, don’t you dare behave, and stay off my bed.”

“Ew,” Bradley said simply, but I leaned in and kissed my sister on the check.

“Have a fun night.”

Marta smiled and jerked a thumb over her shoulder where a suit was waiting for her. “Oh, don’t worry. I will.”  She skipped off with another giggle.

I stepped back and let Bradley slip an arm around my waist.  “Let’s head home.”

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